Hello everyone! Verdaccio here, I’m back from the Kingdom to continue the series of the deck guide. We’ve come to the best deck arena 5, so, sit back relax and check…



The deck

best deck arena 5-clash-royale-kingdom

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Yup, this one requires you to have a legendary card, the Graveyard. Well, it’s still optional, though. The graveyard is only used to attack the enemy tower while the Giant works as a shield. So, if you want to replace the Graveyard with another card, you might want to consider the job description to be similar. For example, you can use the Hog or some hut and be a little bit of a spawner. 

However, the deck up above is the most effective for you to swim in arena 5, it’ll deliver you to the arena 6 in no time. Here’s why…


Main cards

graveyard-card-clash-royale-kingdom giant-card-clash-royale-kingdom musketeer-card-clash-royale-kingdom arrows-clash-royale-kingdom


These 4 cards hold the fate in your battle. The main 2 cards are, of course, the Giant and the Graveyard. You know what to do, right.

At first, you can launch your Giant at the back of your crown tower. While it’s walking down in your line towards the enemy area your Elixir bar will have time to recharge. Then you can deploy your musketeer to have your Giant’s back.


If you encounter a swarm army aimed to topple your Giant down. You can make use of your arrows or zap. Here comes the important part, you might want to wait for the Giant to receive some damage from the enemy’s tower. Then! You deploy the Graveyard just right to assist the Giant in striking the opponent’s base down. Don’t spawn it too close to the enemy’s crown tower, you don’t want to wake up the king.


Supporting cards



The skeleton army is our best counter card to handle the enemy’s tanker. They are many, affordable, and can erase the tanker out of existence. We can send the skeletons army for distraction as well, but remember, never deploy the army while there are the wizard or any troops with area damage active. Meaning, you can use the army to counter wizard after the wizard focuses on our tower or tank troops. The army is so strong but so vulnerable against splash damage dealer. We just need to deploy it patiently.


The next card is archers. despite its cheap elixir amount, archers will be very useful support since it deals with high damage and distance. You wanna pick the cheap but reliable cards to support your giant and archers is the wise choice for your deck. Although archers have low HP, if we combine them with giant it will be mutual. in one side archers hit the blocking troops. meanwhile, the giant tanks the archers so they can work together until they reach the enemy’s tower.


When you play Giant, you better bring minion as well to protect him. Having the air back up to support the Giant and other ground troops can be important if you want to get a victory. Never play naked minion, don’t deploy it when you don’t have a tanky troop on the battlefield.



Since we don’t have any troops with area damage, we can rely on the zap. Zap is cheap, it’s efficient, and it has the ability we really need; to counter the number troops. In the arena 5, you should get used to bait the enemy using zap. I think that every deck with a tank should be completed with a zap in case the enemy keep hitting our giant. We zap either the tower or the troop which hit our giant and retarget them to the other troops. We can do that if we need the tank to last longer.


How about that champs! If you find it useful, don’t forget to share the strategy with your friends. Let me know if you have some input in the comment column down below. Verdaccio, out! Thanks.