Back here with us champs! The kingdom greets you! Today we’re going to continue the series of the basic deck guide. We’ve come to the 3rd arena. Without any further words, let’s hit the deck!


Average Elixir Cost: 3.8


This deck guide is the best deck because it’s a tanky deck. We have some high HP troops in the deck so far. If you wanna get win in the low level; arena 3, you should bring tanky deck because your troops’ level are not high enough to do naked attacking. In the low level, we better do regular attacking using the tank to protect the damage dealer. We have giant, Valkyrie, and knight to be the tank because we have a complicated damage dealer in this deck; The king” balloon. We want to protect the damage dealer using those tanky troops so it can clear up the balloon’s way. That’s the reason why we pick this deck for you.





The first in our list, we present to you the king of the arena 3. When you play using balloon in arena 3, the enemy will be in a big trouble if they see balloon. Balloon is hard to be diminished if the opponent doesn’t have any cards which can deal with balloon. Most of the times, if you counter using balloon, the enemy will put minions or archers or musket to block it. Once they do it, we can easily anticipate it with arrows. The arrows can easily erase all the minions out of the way. And so our balloon will be able to drop at least two drops of bomb. Even two drops can cause serious problem for the enemy.



I usually combine giant with the balloon. You can check our GALLOON’ article it’s about the combination of giant balloon and you’ll see how deadly their combination is. Or else I can do regular attacking using giant, minions, and musket. Giant is the primary tank in this deck, and we still have balloon which also can be considered as a tanky” air troop, Valkyrie with its reliable HP, and the knight as well. Whow.. it seems that we have a super tanky deck right here. Let’s move on to the next card.



Valkyrie is the secondary tank which we can use to counter numbers troops. I usually put Valkyrie together with musket. But most of the time, we don’t really see Valkyrie as a completely tank, because most players use it to counter not as bare defender. If you bring Valkyrie, trust me guys you won’t regret it because it can make serious problem into nothing too serious; it can easily tear apart the enemy troops number which dare to block the giant.



We have a musketeer since arena 2 which is still so useful if you put it in the deck. Musketeer can be the damage dealer and it will be better if you put the musketeer behind the tank so it be will protected. Let the any tank in the deck protect the musketeer and so the she will be able to hit the enemy’s tower. It gets even better if you launch musket after your giant or balloon is on the field. So she will be invisible and do some free hit to the tower.


knight-card-clash-royale-kingdomMinions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomarchers-clash-royale-kingdomarrows-clash-royale-kingdom


The yellow mustache guy with a high amount of health is just another level of tanks. This one is the cheap tank in the game. It only costs you 3 elixirs to deploy this guy. He can be really helpful as a diversion. Yup, that’s right, sorry man. In defending, you can use this guy to go in front line so your damage dealer can shoot the enemy’s support. While in attacking, you can use this guy as a main shield against a countering card.



When you play balloon, you better bring minion as well to protect the balloon or else it can replace the balloon on the air after the balloon falls. Having the air backup to support the balloon and other ground troops can be important if you wan’t to get victory. Never play naked minion; don’t deploy it when you don’t have tanky troop on the battle field. 



The next card is archers. despite its cheap elixir costs, archers will be very a benefit to support your tanks since it deals with some damage and distance. You wanna pick the cheap but reliable cards to support your giant, archers is the wise choice for your deck. Although archers have low HP, but if we combine them with giant it will be mutual. In one side archers hit the blocking troops. While the giant works as a tank to the archers, they can work together until they reach the enemy’s tower. It won’t be as easy as just saying and imagining the strategy. You should try yourself and see how great their mutual combination.



Arrows is another important card which you better bring in any battle. Champs, you really don’t wanna deal with skeletons army or horde or any number troops using the archers or musket because it’s not make sense. A musket against skeletons army will take forever to execute all those army. you can launch arrows to handle it. It’s cheap and efficient; one shoot only and the small troops wont be a big deal. 

How about that champs! You can give us questions or suggestions about this, though. Just leave a comment down below! The kingdom, peace out!