Morning everyone! I woke up this morning and said hello to the bright light sunshine with a delightful heart and ready to begin today’s routine. Dear all readers, you made me smile too and that drives me to write more and more useful articles.

Alright folks, today is Wednesday and that means we are about to enter the weekend. To fill your day ahead, I would like to give you the best dark prince deck ever made.

Some of you might think that dark prince is a strong card and for some players dark prince might be nope.

But that’s okay folks, it’s just different perspective of people. To be honest, I love dark prince and for several times, this deck became my main deck for 1v1 battle.

Although dark prince has high HP, we still need something harder to be in front of him and protecting the charge dealer.

We also need a long-distance area dealer who’ll cover the dark prince from far behind.

Before we go further, shall we move to the deck matchups first.

Deck Matchups

Average elixir cost : 4.1


Play This Deck

Playing with prince card, we need to cover from in front and behind.

Dark prince is a very special card that is so vulnerable against swarmy distraction.

To handle it, we will have princess on the bridge.

The man in front line will be the giant skeleton.

Both dark prince and giant skeleton have the same wask spot, swarmy attack.

However, we don’t need to worry because the swarmy will attack the giant skeleton first

The giant skeleton will explode its death effect and blow everything.

Its death effect will let the prince to ride seemingly free and connect to the tower.

Before we run these 3 troops combination, we should now the timing deployment first.

How to counter?

First of all, we need to send the giant skeleton first from behind the tower.

Anywhere around the princess tower will be okay too.

Secondly, we send the princess after elixir is enough.

Next, send the dark prince once the giant skeleton is about to enter the bridge.

Make sure the giant skeleton is in front, not vice versa.

This is a very simple countering strategy, yet this is so strong.

Dark prince has a shield which double up its HP and so we can expect the prince connect to the tower to at least deliver the charge damage.

We can replace the position of princess with the witch.

If you decide to go with the witch, you still need to send the princess behind all those troops.

The princess won’t let her prince to ride nakedly without her fire arrows cover.

Fire arrows is the perfect cover for the dark prince; I guess they love each other.

So far, we have the primary countering combo.

Cover the dealer with princess on this position

Giant skeleton and the witch

Another strong counter combo is giant skeleton with the witch.

Both troops will protect each other and by the skeleton spawning, we will have more protection for the giant skeleton.

Protection will be in form of distraction.

Some skeletons will catch up the giant skeleton and sacrifice themselves for the princess tower victims.

This is will be a perfect combo for defense.

We can set giant skeleton as a stopper card, which means we stop heavy incoming troops by deploying giant skeleton on the bridge.

Before we do that, make sure that the giant skeleton’s position is on two tiles before the bridge.

The enemy’s troops will stop, our princess tower will keep shooting on them, and the witch will deal splash area from behind.

We put the giant skeleton to be a stopper because we want to utilize its death effect.

Once he dies, every single troops will die and some of them might survive for a while before the witch and skeletons finishes them.

This is also one of the best defense strategy you can get from this deck.

Skeletons sacrifice themselves for GS

How to defense?

Don’t worry about the defense, we have everything here.

Most noteworthy, we can go with the knight and mega minion to be the leading actors.

Whenever you are head to head with the troops like wizards, prince, inferno dragon, baby dragon, Valkyrie, and other single troops, we can play this strategy.

To run the method, send the knight beside the princess tower following the centre area, not the corner.

Then, immediately send the mega minion.

This will be getting stronger if we add the tombstone to put the enemy unease.

One standing tombstone can be so annoying and wasting time and HP.

Build your tombstone if you are head to head with building targeting card such as hog rider, giant, lava, balloon, GS, RG.

To complete the tombstone, knight and mega minion is a wise decision.

Or else, we can go with the rocket.

Play the rocket specially to counter balloon, sparky, mega knight, P.E.K.K.A.

Here is an important tip to play rocket.

Better wait till the enemy deploy more than one troops, so the rocket will kill some important troops of the enemy.

this is how we defense

Defensive Giant Skeleton and Dark Prince

We can utilize the primary counter cards for defense too.

Deploy the dark prince when you are head to head with the troops such as inferno dragon, P.E.K.K.A, mini P.E.K.K.A, barbarians, elite barbarians.

He is the perfect counter for those troops because he deals with small area splash and protected by the shield.

The prince will significantly reduce the 4 barbarians HP before they died by princess tower.

Inferno dragon will be so hard to kill the prince because of its shield.

Burst damage dealer won’t connect to the tower because the princess tower will kill it first.

Sparky won’t kill the dark prince because one shoot sparky will only break the shield.

Due to its long-time recharge, the prince will kill sparky first.

Another defensive card is giant skeleton.

Here, we send the giant skeleton to counter the troops like minion horde, mega knight, sparky, dragons, wizards.

Deploy the giant skeleton on the centre of your lane.

Let him distract the incoming troops.

And once he dies, he will explode on those troops and the bomb explosion will drastically reduce enemy’s HP.

Some of them might survive for a while before our tower finish them.

restricted area

Defensive princess

There is one more important defensive card we shouldn’t forget; princess.

The best way to play defensive princess is to send her on the opposite lane.

Having a very long distance will enable her to shoot from one side to the other side of the lane.

Playing princess like this will prevent the log death, poison, arrows, or the troops attack.


Alright everyone, there you have it. That is the best way to play dark prince and considerably best dark prince deck I’ve ever played.

Do you have any other suggestion for the deck? Or maybe the hidden strategy I haven’t figure out?

Please feel free to leave your comment bellow.

See you on the battle field!