This is the refined of the best Cannon Cart deck ever made in Clash Royale. Let’s see how to play Lumberjack in Cannon Cart deck. The key of winning is to know when to deploy Cannon Cart and how it really functions.


Hey there, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy and today I’m gonna show you the new meta, strongest, and best Cannon Cart deck in Clash Royale. You can play this Cannon Cart deck in high arena when you have unlocked it. Let’s begin the discussion by looking at the deck matchups first.

Best Cannon Cart deck Clash Royale


Average elixir cost : 3.6

Play This Deck


Cannon Cart is of course the no.1 card in this deck. We will use Cannon Cart since defending. So, make sure to include Cannon Cart as defender. 


Lumberjack is no.2 card which we will set as bridge spam troop. So, we kinda have bridge spam archetype here. Otherwise, we can use Lumberjack to defend and counter push with survived defenders. 


Valkyrie is a tiny tanker. If you want to have enough elixir in counter push, you need to defend effectively. And Valkyrie is my favourite defender since she has high HP and area damage.


Inferno Dragon is specifically used to kill tanker. This is very effective guys, you don’t need to any more card, just Inferno Dragon when you defend against troops with high HP.


Baby Dragon is similar to Valkyrie which we will use to handle air and ground swarm. If you defending with Baby Dragon then counter push with Lumberjack or Cannon Cart, you’ll get area protection, which is a good thing. 


Fireball is the destructive spell which we use to harm enemy’s defenders when they are near the tower. We will get extra tower damage plus reducing troops’ HP without having bother to send any troops.


Zap is the next spell card which we use to reset Inferno Dragon or Inferno Tower.


Use Zap to reset Inferno card

Since we have Inferno Dragon in this deck, you’ll likely to meet the opponent who brings Inferno card. Otherwise, we can use this spell to support our counter push and also bridge spam Lumberjack. 


Bats is the cheapest troop which we can use to help defenders. Or else, you can also send Bats in counter push in order to make it harder and stronger. 

How to play Cannon Cart deck?

Alright, I will give you a brief explanation of how to play the deck. First of all, our victory will be depending on counter push. So, I highly suggest you to have more than one defender in order to have many troops in counter push next after. 

Hard counter push after defending

In defending, you better have Cannon Cart, so you can deploy Lumberjack in counter push. At this position, Lumberjack will lead Cannon Cart and other survived defenders. 


If possible, defend with Cannon Cart

Besides counter push, we will play bridge spam counter archetype as well. Here, the bridge spam troops are Lumberjack and Cannon Cart. If you decide to play bridge spam, make sure that you have either Zap or Fireball to support the troops from swarmy ambush. 

Prepare the spell to protect bridge spam from swarmy ambush

After sending bridge spam troop, back on defense again. You can defend with any cards that you have ready on the list. And after defending, go on counter push. Actually, you can include one of any cards to lead the survived defenders, but it will be better if the leader is Lumberjack or Cannon Cart

Here also, I want to remind you that you have Fireball which has great damage area. So, if you have plenty of elixir and you are running bridge spam, you can throw Fireball. If you are familiar with spell prediction, you can do the prediction when Lumberjack or Cannon Cart is near to the tower. 


Fireball to support bridge spam Cannon Cart

It will be so satisfying if we succeed the Fireball prediction. Reduce the tower HP and enemy’s defenders HP at the same time will bring positive elixir trade. 
I always do this Fireball prediction after I send Lumberjack and most of times, it works. 

Fireball for bridge spam Lumberjack, and then Cannon Cart continues



Having bridge spam archetype as alternative counter will increase the chance of winning. Bridge spam with Lumberjack is so exhausting and annoying because this guy is insanely fast. Counter push or bridge spam with Cannon Cart would bring so much disaster due to its shield which multiply its HP. Alright guys, I wish you the very best luck! See you again.