What’s up people of the world! I’m Verd, back with some message to deliver from the kingdom. I gotta inform about a deck, this is for you, the best deck.


This will become a series of arena decks guys! So, stay tuned, I’ll start from the first! Alright, without any further ado let’s get into the deck combination.



Average Elixir Cost: 3.3

Play This Deck

At the beginning of the game, you need to learn the basic concept of most games in the world. You’ll have to use a tanky character in front of your damage dealer troops. Actually, you don’t need to depend on this strategy since you won’t find it useful from time to time. Everyone will have their own strategy, though. But at first, this one is the one you need.

P.S: You can replace the Valkyrie or knight with arrows.





Giant is a recommended tank for the arena 1 – 3 and with good protection and support, he will make it into the enemy’s tower. Playing with the giant is easy, all you need to do is providing good support to diminish the troops which block our giant and so giant won’t run out of HP. If your support is good, the giant and the following troops will get into the enemy’s tower and do some damage on it. You can launch giant at first and in front. Once you launch the giant, launch the shooters behind it to handle the block. Don’t try so hard to destroy the tower at first counter, meaning you should be wise in terms of elixir saving. 

The next card is archers. despite its cheap elixir amount, archers will be very useful support since it deals with high damage and distance. You wanna pick the cheap but reliable cards to support your giant and archers is the wise choice for your deck. Although archers have low HP, if we combine them with giant it will be mutual. in one side archers hit the blocking troops. meanwhile, the giant tanks the archers so they can work together until they reach the enemy’s tower. It won’t be as easy as just saying and imagining the strategy. You should try yourself and see how great their mutual combination. 



I recommend you to enclose bomber to anticipate skeletons army which sometimes deployed to block the giant. The bomber can execute all of them instantly and so your giant won’t get attacked more. when you launch giant at the first place, see what cards does the enemy launch. If they try to block your hog using skeletons army or any troop numbers, you launch bomber. bomber works the same to your defense. It can erase the spawners, in case you find the enemy plays spawners. when you go defense or counter using bomber, you should be smart at placing it. Meaning, you better launch the bomber when enemy’s troops target on your tank, so the bomber is invisible yet he is breakneck. That’s how to use bomber properly guys.

We utilize goblins speed acceleration. They are very fast and numerous with fast hit on the enemy. Goblins and spear goblins will gang the enemy’s troops which either block the giant or coming to our tower. Although they seem vulnerable and wretched, they will attack recklessly if there is a tank in front of them. So, the combination of goblins and giant will be mutual and suits each other. Moreover, they are cheap; 2 elixirs only. Try playing goblins frequently and you’ll find your best way to play it properly. 


musketeer-card-clash-royale-kingdomknight-card-clash-royale-kingdomvalkyrie-card-clash-royale-kingdom  arrows-clash-royale-kingdom



Musketeer is the one you have to have on your deck. She’s a powerful ranger and synergizes well with any tank in the game. Always deploy her at the back of your tank and she’ll have your back in return. She is quite useful to use against any card there is, she can one-shot any goblins or skeletons type and even 1 v 1 with a high damage dealer like mini p.e.k.k.a and eliminate most of its health. 

The yellow mustache guy with a high amount of health is just another level of tanks. This one is the cheap tank in the game. It only costs you 3 elixirs to deploy this guy. He can be really helpful as a diversion. Yup, that’s right, sorry man. In defending, you can use this guy to go in the front line so your damage dealer can shoot the enemy’s support. While in attacking, you can use this guy as the main shield against a countering card.

The Valkyrie is really useful both in defending and countering. Although she can’t do anything about air troops, she can quickly wipe land troops especially Rangers. You’ll find really frequent to see ranged troops in arena 1. With this card in your game plan, you can get rid of them easily. However, she’s not so strong against other melee cards, particularly a damage dealer or a tanky troop such as mini p.e.k.k.a and knight.

In the arena 1, you’ll find the useful spell card; arrows. Arrows are not meant to deal with the high-end troops, especially tank. It meant to deal with troops numbers such as skeletons army, goblins, etc. it can instantly execute all of the troops’ number. The enemy sometimes does some trouble on our tower with their troops’ number, don’t be panic because your arrows will kill all of low HP troops. Number troops always have low HP, except barbarians and if your arrows hit the target, they will be diminished instantly. Having arrows can be so useful for you because you won’t bother with skeletons army or goblins, archers, anything and still focus on making the counter-attack. 

That’s it for me guys! If you have some questions or suggestions hit me in the comment column down below! Peace out!