This is the refined form of the best Battle Ram deck. Let’s see how to combine Mini Pekka and Lumberjack in Clash Royale Battle Ram deck. Additionally, we’ll see the best deck matchups to support Battle Ram deck.


Hi, it’s JohnnyBoy here back again bringing you the stronger and better of best Battle Ram deck. In the Battle Ram deck, we will play Mini Pekka and Lumberjack as primary support card. Well, let’s check out the deck matchups first.

The best Battle Ram deck


Average elixir cost : 3.5

Play This Deck


Battle Ram is of course the primary card in this deck which we will use in counter push. So, after defending with selective defenders, we can deploy Battle Ram on the bridge to lead the survived defenders.

This is how we use the ram

mini PEKKA-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Mini Pekka is one of defenders. In order to maximize his performance, we can deploy him on the bridge to quickly kill any troop that enter your lane.


Lumberjack is similar to Mini Pekka, he is one of defenders. If you choose my deck recommendation, you’ll likely to face plenty of melee troops of enemy’s. And we can use Lumberjack to shut melee’s counter.


Baby Dragon is the only area dealer in this deck. In most of defending, we can use the dragon to help non-area dealer. Then, in counter push, Baby Dragon will be so much handy in protecting our melees and most noteworthy, Battle Ram.


Inferno Dragon is anti-tanker. If you play this Battle Ram deck in higher arena, you’ll likely to meet so many tankers of enemy’s. And for that reason, we can effectively defend by sending one Inferno Dragon to specifically kill the tanker.


Bats are the helpers. We can use them to join counter push with Battle Ram as well as defending with ground melee.


Knight is the damage receiver in this strong Battle Ram deck. I mostly utilize his high HP to receive damage before I send Mini Pekka or Lumberjack.


Arrows is the destructive spell which we will use to protect our counter push army. This is important to have guys, and in defending against swarm, you can easily kill them with Arrows instead of Baby Dragon.

How to play the Battle Ram deck?

The point is to have Battle Ram to join countering with survived defenders in counter push. Deploy the ram on the bridge so it would be in front of other troops.


Join Battle Ram and you’re stronger

The crucial aspect for winning is to strongly defend the lane. You have so many ground melees, use them to defend against ground melee of enemy’s. Sometimes, we also need to mix the air and ground melee army in order to generate effective defense, yet strong.


Mix the air and ground

Another important thing I want you to know is to play bridge spam. In this Battle Ram deck, we have Battle Ram, Mini Pekka, and Lumberjack which we can use as bridge spam troops.

However, you can’t be careless in doing bridge spam. You need to know when the right time. And when it is? It is when you are not in the middle of defending nor attacking. Here, we need to understand the elixir spending of enemy.

If they attack us with so many elixir, then probably we will have good bridge spam which can connect to the enemy’s tower. It is because the enemy will run out of elixir and they don’t have enough elixir to send appropriate defenders.

Lumberjack + Arrows prediction 

Also, if you decide to play bridge spam, you need to have enough elixir for Arrows, we need to protect bridge spam melee with Arrows.

In 2x elixir time, we can send many troops on the bridge after defending. Still, prioritize the troops to do defend. After the lane is secure enough, we can send more than one ground melee and air units on the bridge.

Remember, you have Arrows to finish the tower

At this moment, I strongly recommend you to have Bats, Battle Ram, and Lumberjack. Those are fast troops and if you have them in front of Baby Dragon of Inferno Dragon, that would be so hard to stop.

Card replacement


Substitute Arrows with Zap or Fireball


Alright, that’s it guys. I remember that I play with this deck when I passed arena 10 to arena 11. I hope you the very best luck. See you again soon!