Clash Royale Best Balloon deck with spawner. This time we combine with spawner deck counter line. Balloon and Clone destroying the tower with spawner distraction. So, the enemy will have to choose which one to stop first. This kind of split counter is nearly inevitable because enemy should split their defenders.


Hey there, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy bringing you another useful article. In today’s Clash Royale guide, we are gonna be talking about an OP Balloon synergize deck, where Balloon is the primary counter card. 

Balloon Clone strategy is popular among Clashers, and maybe, combining this counter with spawners still rare and few players know this. In fact, the combination turns out to be so deadly and I’ve been playing with this deck for two weeks.

While we have a great synergize of Barbarian Hut and Goblin Hut, we add more pressure by sending Balloon Clone and the spawners army. The expectation of this strategy is to have Balloon and Clone destroying the tower with spawners distraction. So, the enemy will have to choose which one to stop first.

Alright, before we talk strategy in depth, let see what we have in deck matchups first

Best Balloon Deck with Spawner


Average elixir cost : 4.8

Play This Deck

As you can see, we will pick Barbarian Hut and Goblin Hut as to be the spawners army. I prefer these two Huts instead of Furnace and Tombstone because Barbarians and Goblins are collaboration of tiny tankers and tiny attackers.

goblin hutbarbarian hut card-clash-royale-kingdom

They would be in one counter row where Barbarians be in front of the Spear Goblins. This is a synergy counter line of spawners.


Playing with Balloon means that we should have at least one area dealer. And for that, I recommend you to go with the Wizard. I played with Balloon deck so many times, and Wizard turns out to be a great area protection for the Balloon.

Dealing with highest area damage among other area dealer makes Wizard is the no.1 option to do this job. You don’t need to worry about Minion Horde or Bats that are used to shut Balloon. Wizard will execute those units very quickly.

Speaking of area dealer, we also have Valkyrie as the leading actor in defense line. This one can be a tiny tanker that we use to receive damage, to hold the enemy before they get closer to the tower.


There’s also Minion Horde that we use to handle defense. Send the Horde to defend against any incoming troops, except hybrid area dealer. Don’t worry about the Arrows death, because we still have one destructive spell, Fireball that can execute or at least reduce enemy’s HP significantly.


Talking about Fireball, this is the only spell we have in this deck. I mostly use Fireball to support the spawners army. So, whenever you see any troops block our Barbarians and Spear Goblins, just leash the Fireball on them. We do that to enable Barbarians and Spear Goblins continue the countering.

Alright, that’s pretty much about the cards function, now, how to win the battle with this strategy? Let’s talk about it.

What to do in early battle?

In early battle, I highly recommend you to build the hut first. That can be Barbarian hut or Goblin Hut. By doing this, you’ll force the enemy to deploy any cards in order to stop the swarmy.

If the enemy finally sends any troops for defense and counter push, we can send one troop that is suitable to counter what comes.


Defend against building targeting card with Minion Horde

So, you can defend with Valkyrie to counter ground units or Minion Horde to counter non-area dealer. Or else, you can just leash the Fireball to kill or at least reduce the troops’ HP so they can’t counter push.


This is how you build the huts, so you’ll get Barbarians in front of Spear Goblins

At this time, you really need to keep Barbarian Hut safe. And so, you can run counter push with Goblin Hut.

In the early battle, I recommend you to counter with Barbarians and Spear Goblins, then doing regular defense. Keep your Balloon Clone for 2x elixir.

What to do in late game (2x elixir)?

When entering 2x elixir, you can run Balloon Clone counter. I have a secret strategy that might increase the chance of destroying tower.

While we have spawners counter line in one side, the enemy must focus on that tower and protecting it from spawners.

And once you enter 2x elixir and right after the enemy sends any troops to defend against spawners line, we send Balloon Wizard on the opposite lane.

Split the countering with Balloon Wizard, then Clone!

Here, we utilize enemy’s elixir spending, so right after they spend elixir for defense troops in spawners line, they won’t have extra defense for the Balloon Wizard line. I think this is brilliant counter.

While the enemy should have extra defense for Balloon Wizard, they don’t because we ruin their focus by sending spawners line continuously.

The disaster would be even greater because we clone the Balloon. This counter is nearly inevitable guys. I played with this deck and strategy and won so many battles.

Focus more on defense is a wise choice. I recommend you not to build anymore hut in 2x elixir. You change the counter focus onto Balloon Wizard. Or else, you can just send Balloon on the bridge as bridge spam, then clone it. 


Balloon as bridge spam in 2x elixir

Card replacement


Substitute Valkyrie with Knight


Substitute Minion Horde with Bats


2x elixir moment is yours. You run the shockingly massive counter with Balloon Clone in opposite lane from spawners line. This split counter is nearly inevitable because we have 2 lines that run at the same time and enemy should split their defenders.

Well, what do you guys think about this deck and strategy? Let me know your opinion towards this and I hope you find this article useful.

Please feel free to request me any deck matchups and question me anything regarding Clash Royale strategy.

See you in another guide article, Have fun!