A new form of craziest Clash Royale best Balloon deck all arena. Combining Balloon deck with Mirror will enhance the battle tactics. Bridge spam Balloon with Mirrored Balloon, that’s crazy. Let’s learn how to play Balloon Mirror deck effectively, when to deploy Balloon, and when to use Mirror card.


Hey there, JohnnyBoy is here again and today I’m gonna share to you the crazy strategy with Balloon deck. Some of you might be familiar with Balloon Mirror deck. However, we will have several troops that are also good to be combined with Mirror card. And that means, we will have multiple counter strategy. Let’s see the deck matchups first.

Also, by the end of this article, I’m gonna show you the video gameplay. The article is the basic strategy, but through the video, you’ll most likely to understand what I’m saying here. Good luck! 

Crazy Balloon Mirror deck


Average elixir cost : 3.6

Play This Deck

First thing I would like to mention is that, your winning conditions would be Balloon, Dark Prince, and Inferno Dragon. They are so crazy, I mean so strong if combined with Mirror Card.


Alright, Dark Prince is one of our defense card. I often use him as tiny tanker as well as dash deliverer. If you defend with Dark Prince, I highly recommend you to deploy him from the corner of the lane, so he will ready to charge. The charge damage is also crazy guys, and that would harm the enemy’s attackers so badly.


Next, we have Valkyrie. She is the primary defender I would say because she has the highest HP. We need a troop like her to be damage receiver as well as area dealer.


Similar to Valkyrie, Knight is another damage receiver in Balloon Mirror deck. I feel so safe if I have more than one damage receiver a.k.a tiny tanker in the deck. They will be so reliable and capable of securing the lane so excellently.


Another ground troop is Musketeer. This is the only ranger in Balloon Mirror deck and we can use her pretty much in any situation. Musketeer’s main duty is to help our tiny tankers defending the lane. And after defending, she will be so handy helping Balloon in counter push.

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Lastly, we have Minions. Three Minions job is like assassins. After we deploy Valkyrie or Knight to hold the incoming enemy, we can deploy Minions to add super damage. They are bleedingly fast, handy, and most noteworthy cheap.

What to do in early game?

Well, in early game, we can actually open counter first with bridge spam archetype. Of curse in this case, we will send Balloon on the bridge. However, if you don’t have Balloon ready on the list, you can play defensively and patiently.

In defending, you shouldn’t spend elixir for nothing, try to always defending effectively. That’s why we have tiny tankers. No matter what comes to your lane, deploy Valkyrie or Knight first. Then combining them with Minions or Inferno Dragon or Musketeer. Try to minimize elixir spending while defending so you can send Balloon for counter push.


Knight or Valkyrie first then other troops

When counter push, you need to send Balloon on the bridge before the survived defenders enter the enemy’s territory. Whether or not our defenders can survive, we still run this Balloon bridge spam right after we finish defending.

I highly recommend you to use Mirror card after you deploy Balloon, so you’ll get another Balloon with higher level. Play mirrored Balloon if you have survived defenders go counter push with first Balloon. It is because the enemy would spend their elixir to defend against this counter push.

But, if you don’t have survived defenders go on counter push with Balloon, don’t deploy Balloon mirrored. This means you need to back on defense.

That being said, the perfect timing to deploy Balloon mirrored is after the enemy spend their elixir for defenders against our early counter push, survived defenders and Balloon.

I would like to emphasize one more thing, if you defend with Dark Prince, try as possible to deploy him as the last card. If so, you will have opportunity to do bridge spam afterwards.

Otherwise, if you have Dark Prince and Mirror card ready on the list, you can play bridge spam with him, then defend the lane with Dark Prince mirrored. I often use this trick to bait the enemy spend their defender.

Effective Dark Prince in mirror

And if lucky, the Dark Prince bridge spam will hit the tower. Sometimes, the enemy won’t have counter card for Dark Prince bridge spam. You can do this trick after you defend and you are not in countering progress.

What to do in late game?

In late game, you run the similar strategy like early game, there are no significant difference here. However, you are likely to have crazier counter where you have Balloon and Dark Prince at the same time. Also, you can push harder by bringing Inferno Dragon to join Balloon.

Since this is 2x elixir, I highly recommend you to play more with Balloon and Mirror card. Make a hard push with the first Balloon together with survived defenders. Then, the enemy must have something to defend against this.

After the enemy defends their tower, let the defenders to come to our lane. But, in most of cases, their defenders can’t survive because we have Musketeer, Inferno Dragon in counter push.

Crazy Balloon attack! 

The defenders will likely to focus on Balloon. And that means, our Musketeer and Inferno Dragon will have chance to kill the defenders. 
If this situation happens, immediately deploy mirrored Balloon on the bridge. This is the time when we go really massive, unstoppable Balloon attack.

Card replacement


Substitute Inferno Dragon with Baby Dragon

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomBats-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Substitute Minions with Bats.


Here, I give you a video gameplay so you can get clearer understanding of how to play Balloon Mirror deck. See when I play Mirror card, when to bridge spamming, and effectively defending. 


Balloon Mirror deck is getting stronger now by having several card that can be perfect if combined with Mirror card. Feel free to watch the gameplay I provide you above. See when I play the mirrored Balloon or Dark Prince. Hope this deck can be useful. Good luck!