Howdy, young clashers! Well, there is a video down below that contains a summary from what you’re going to learn. Have you watched it?


In the beginning, you’ll get 6 cards which are archers, arrows, bomber, knights, fireball, and Giant. Each one of them has their own unique in using their power. 

To win your first battle, a player needs to have a balance in attacking, defending, and timing. The need for timing is essential as the elixir used when you put a card in the battlefield, and it refills only once in a second. So, you need to be wise in calculating your time on putting your troops in the battlefield. 

Look at your active deck first when you play. There are 4 active cards, and there is 1 upcoming card after you release one of them. If you are confident with these 5 cards, you can immediately start your strategy. As a beginner, there is some strategy that you can use. Here are some of them.


Spending Elixirs



Spend your elixir wisely won’t let you down. Try to keep in mind your opponent’s elixir. Calculating your elixir amount is one of the most critical things in Clash Royale whether if you are still in the beginning stage of the game or you have become a pro player in the higher level. All of your strategies will depend on your wisdom in using elixirs.

The other tips are trying to guess your opponent’s elixir. Keep in your mind that you’re also uses the elixirs and put it in your mind that you have more amount of elixir than your opponent.





This strategy requires your precise skill. You have to wait, give your opponent chance to attack first before you land your forces Once the opponent releases their attack, just deploy any troops you have to distract the enemy’s troops.





This strategy requires your precise skill. You have to wait, give your opponent chance to attack first before you land your forces Once the opponent releases their attack keep in mind that your enemy is also running out of elixirs. That’s the perfect time to release a counter. Counter-attacking doesn’t mean that you have to wait all the time to refill the elixir. Your elixir won’t get more than 10 though, ha. So, while it is recharging its amount close to 10, keep releasing cards that have low elixirs using like arrows, archer or bomber that only use 3 of your elixir. But it’s not advisable to waste them uselessly, and you also need to have target or goal in releasing them.

Giant is a tank kind of type in the game. A tank type is very useful to use as the front liner when you start attack first. Why is that? A tank type can cover your other troops behind its body. So, if you release another card behind it, they would be included as a tank has the big body and pretty hard to dismiss.

One of the tank type that you got in the game as a beginner is Giant. If you see a Giant in your active cards. We suggest you put a Giant as the first card to release but remember not to rush your attack too fast. It is better to wait first for the elixir to be fulfilled first before you release a card. Be patient. As the elixir has full, put Giant behind your king tower. It is sufficient as Giant is moving slow and could waste time to fill the elixir again. Remember that a Giant consume 5 of the elixirs. The moment your Giant is in the front line, your elixir will regenerate back, and you will be able to attack with the full army. 

One right side of releasing a Giant first is it is hard to dismiss by the enemy, and once it can reach your opponent’s tower, it can destroy the tower all by itself. So, it is very useful for both in attacking and defending.

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