Battle Ram and the Witch with splash cover and burst damage covers

Hello Monday people! It’s Monday again folks and it’s time to create a new start, new perspective, new beginning, and it’s up to you to make it counts.

Alright folks, since this is Monday, I’ve a very useful article special for today.

In today’s article, we are gonna talk about a new deck of battle ram along with the best strategy that can bring you more and more victories.

I’ve been experimenting on this weekend and look for a new best replacement for sparky current meta deck.

On that sparky deck, I use sparky as a main card and knight also bats as the support.

Now, we will replace the three cards above with battle ram, tombstone; replacement for bats, and witch to replace knight.

The gameplay is still pretty simple thou, but before we talk further let me show you what’s in the deck.

Deck Matchups

Average elixir cost : 3.4


Play This Deck

As you can see that there are some cards that I still use to complete this strategy.

Alright, we have witch and tombstone which we can use to distract the enemy on defending.

Besides its function as distraction, we can use them to fill the ground and cover the ram.

For the startup, we can build the tombstone first or on the centre of the lane.

Or else, we can open attack with the witch.

How to counter?

Whenever we go with the witch first, deploy her behind the crown tower.

Next, wait till the witch about to enter the bridge and right before, deploy baby dragon.

Better if we can set the skeletons from witch spawn in front of the baby dragon.

So, the baby dragon will be free from one or two hits because they target the skeletons.

Without waiting too long, deploy the battle ram beneath the dragon, in front of the witch.

Therefore, after the baby dragon, we should quickly deploy battle ram once the baby enters the bridge line.

ram beneath the dragon, in front of the witch

Afterwards, we better prepare the spell.

We have three spells; zap, arrows, and rage.

If the enemy sends skeleton army to block your ram, deploy zap.

Go with the arrows if they send minion horde or bats.

And if they send troops such as wizards, dragon, Valkyrie, musketeer, deploy the rage on the ram, witch, baby dragon.

A battle ram with splash cover and rage effect will mostly succeed the charge on the tower.

Actually, we really need the battle ram to charge the tower and after the log breaks down, the 2 barbarians will be the tank for witch and baby dragon.

In most battle, this thing will always happen; after the log succeed the charge, they will tank the witch and baby dragon.

Defend with anti-tanker

Since we play the inferno dragon, we can utilize it as the anti-tanker or split damage attacker.

You better keep the inferno dragon specially to defend against tankers.

Its burst damage will quickly the tanker even without any backup.

Solo inferno is a very good strategy to kill the tanker, it’s relatively cheap, efficient, and we are eased because we don’t have to deploy many troops just to counter tanker.

inferno anti-tanker, anti-building targeting card

How to counter tanker with supports?

Then, how if there are heavy supports for the tanker?

Don’t worry folks, we have tombstone.

Nah, this is the time when you can play the distraction.

When you see the tanker let’s say, giant, followed by the troops like wizard, witch, musketeer, keep calm and fight.

The best way to counter those combination is to build the tombstone first.

Afterwards, deploy inferno dragon to kill the supports.

Let the tanker headed to our tombstone first.

Once the inferno dragon finishes his job, he will target the tanker and kill it quickly with its burst damage.

Defending with inferno distraction requires us to play the spell cards.

We can go with the zap to stun enemy’s troops momentarily.

Tombstone as distraction placement

When to deploy witch?

Good question, we can go with the witch to strengthen defense after our elixir is reaches 5 bars.

Keep in mind, we don’t have to always play defensive witch like this.

This will be an excellent option if we face a very massive counter we can’t help anymore.

vs mega knight

Another strategy is to play defensive battle ram.

Go with defensive battle ram once we face to face with three musketeers, elite barbarians.

Seemingly, the 2 barbarians add some extra defense for us since they have reliable HP and numbers.

Defensive battle ram to be enemy’s target

We can also play the combo dragons.

That will be very efficient if we fight against a tanker followed by swarmy or ground support.

To run this method, go with the inferno first.

Here, we will use inferno specifically to target the tanker.

The tanker will come first before the supports.

Thus, we deploy the inferno beside princess tower, but not too forward to prevent the damage by enemy’s support cards.

Next, deploy the baby dragon once the supports enter our bridge.

We will block them with baby dragon so they won’t hit the inferno while he is killing the tanker.

Inferno won’t take long time to kill the tanker, and once he finishes his job, he will fight together with baby dragon.

One thing you should notice here, don’t deploy baby dragon to early.

Wait till their supports are on princess tower range too, so, after the tower and inferno kill the tanker, they will target the supports.

See, there are so much defending method you can run.

the baby protects inferno from princess fire arrows; while inferno is killing the tanker

In 2x elixir 

Now, let’s talk about massive countering on 2x elixir.

In 2x elixir, you can run the combo of battle ram, witch, baby dragon and inferno dragon.

The right orders to run this massive counter is to deploy witch behind crown tower first.

Next, go with the baby dragon right in front the witch.

Once they are about to enter the bridge, deploy inferno dragon side by side with baby dragon.

Without waiting too long, send the battle ram beneath the dragon.

If possible, we set the baby dragon as tower target, so the dealers (inferno dragon) won’t get hit so early.

baby dragon and witch covering the ram; inferno on the middle is excellent and smart too

It’s massive and it means that we need to launch extra cards.

Play your spells to support your countering.

Rage is a must here.

Once you have the massive combo, immediately deploy rage.

However, if we know that the enemy has swarmy, prepare the arrows or zap before rage.

see, nothing can stop this

Swarmy Prediction

On the early game, we should predict the swarmy.

So, if we know that the enemy will counter the ram with swarmy, we will send zap or arrows first before the rage.

Once we diminish the swarmy, deploy rage.

No matter what enemy sends to counter this, the tower will be destroyed, I promise you.

Now you know that battle ram could be very effective to smash the tower and lead the countering.


Alright folks, I think that’s it for Monday’s article.

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