Good morning again to all of you champs all over the world! The minute you get up from your bed that’s the minute you will change the world.


Well that’s my quote for all of you today. Wise isn’t it? I know I’m the king of quotes.

Yap back to the business. Sorry for the random thoughts. Today is a good day because we have figured out that a new card has arrived to the battlefield.

The name of the card is Battle Ram! Who are these guys? Let’s find out what kind of unique they got.


Battle Ram basically is two barbarians carrying a big log on top of their head. The log itself is so big. It can be used by the two barbarians to crush everything in front of them.

The damage effect of the log’s punch is pretty devastating. It can destroy all of the buildings card or even destroy the opposite’s tower if they are able to march on into the enemy’s defensive line.


The movement of the Battle Ram also has its own unique. Like Prince, Battle Ram can run faster after travelling certain distance. After deployed and running in certain space, they can speed up right into the building’s face to smash the log and destroy the building.

They are a complete counter to all kind of buildings in the game. But, remember the log smash can only be used once. Once it hits a building then the log will also be crushed.


But wait before you think the Battle Ram will be dismissed after the log crushed. Once the log is crushed then the Battle Ram will turn into classic Barbarian complete with all of the Barbarians’ capability.


After hitting a building, the two barbarians will become their true identity, draw their sword and start to fight all of the troops and building.

So, they are basically will hit and try to destroy all kind of building in the first place until they are turning into the sword man we all know about the barbarians. Pretty impressive, right?

The Battle Ram will cost 4 of your elixir but since it has 2 capabilities, I think it will make a good addition into your playing.

If you guys want to test how the Battle Ram works, we got news that there will be the Battle Ram Challenge coming up also!

Make sure if you think this card will be a good addition for you or not. Leave it in the comment section below.

Have a nice day you guys, cheers!