Hello! Thursday over here and you are here again with the Kingdom’s crew. What we’re talking right now? Today it is going to be the battle ram freeze deck. Yes, this is an aim for those of you who are battle ram users. Well, without any further ado, let’s check the deck!





 Play This Deck

Like what you see above, the Battle Ram will be our main card to crush the enemy’s defence. We got the other supportive cards that later would create the balance deck.



ice-spirit-card-clash-royale-kingdomfire spirits-card-Clash-royale-kingdomBats-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomknight-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Advanced players consider ice spirit as the best cycling card in the game. Besides, the ability to freeze a bunch of troops is just meta since the cost only requires 1 elixir. Furthermore, when the sudden death moment comes, you might want to keep deploying this walking ice to make the other card keep available on the bench.

Fire Spirit is the card that gives you some elixir advantage. In spite of the ability to give 3 splash damages, these walking hot balls can distract and get rid of some high damage dealer health. Besides, Fire Spirits can assist the Battle Ram if the enemy decides to deploy their swarm army such as Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, you name it!

Bats is the card you might want to rely on. For all reason, these 5 little flying bats are just the ones we need to go against any kind of massive attack. As long as they are protected, nothing can touch your tower, I assure you. Furthermore, they are so useful to include in your counter-attacking.

Knight is just a protector. He is a damaged receiver. This yellow moustache guy is your guardian. He can take all the damage from any massive attack. With the help of bats, goblins, musketeer, you need not worry about your tower being hit. All is well with this guy on your deck.

Primary cards


Musketeer is the only ground ranger on your deck. She can go 1 vs. 1 with the Baby Dragon, Wizard, any kind of wizards and Witch. She is just amazing in both defending and attacking

I select Tornado because we have to counter enemy cards and so I choose the Tornado for defensive. When I play defensive tornado, I mostly combine it with the Fire Spirit. As a result, while the tornado fires on its whirlwind and gathers the enemy in one line, the fire spirit will easily cut their throat with its blowing flames.

Freeze is just an end-game card, actually. However, you can use this spell to go against any strong swarm army such as the three musketeers, barbarians, elite barbarians, etc. The Freeze is just so useful to go against any kind of massive attack. You might want to rely on this spell to blow them all.

Battle Ram is the primary card in this guide. The wood can overkill any building touched. Not only that, after the wood broke then as you know, two Barbarians will be there to create the ongoing damage.


Early Game

At the beginning of the game, you can start with placing your Musketeer at the back of your crown tower and see what kind response your enemy will give you. The wood before, you can get the picture that, at the first minute of the battle you have to rely on your patience and play defensively before you go with your battle ram.

At this moment, you might want to start harassing the enemy’s base with your Battle Ram. Deploy your Battle Ram just right in time and place to get the most benefit. Most relevantly, you have to deploy the support troops or spell.

You can wait for the moment your Knight, Musketeer, Bats, etc, are up for you to cover the battle ram.

Start with a musketeer, look for enemy’s response

Last minute sudden death

At the last minute, until the sudden death comes, you have to succeed first in defending your tower. If you confident with your defensive mechanism. You can deploy the Battle Ram whenever you get the chance.

It is up to you to make the wood the main attacking or defending card because it depends on your situation. If you have the advantage you can give the wood a shot at the attacking just give the wood some supports but if you do not, never!

Let the wood go alone in attacking just use the wood as a defensive mechanism and go for the counter-attack

Finish it


This deck is a versatile deck to use in attacking and depending. But again, it depends on your playstyle. If it suits your character then I bet you can win some matches.

In the meantime, do not forget to share it with your fellow clan mates! And also, if you have something in your mind to say then feel free to express it all in the comment section down below.

Me signing out for now, see you guys around, cheers!