Howdy, clashers! Verdaccio here, back to you from the kingdom to share some deck guide. Today it’s going to be a battle ram deck. Consider it as a review or a discussion for me, not a battle ram master… Hahaha… Let me know what you think about this deck.






Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

Play This Deck

First of all, the deck up above is optional. You can replace some of the cards as long as the job description is entirely the same. Since we’re going to rely on the battle ram in harassing the enemy’s base, we have to cycle the rotation of the card gently, to make battle ram available all the time.

Here I am going to elaborate a little about the cards I have chosen.





The first one is a ranger support. Both cards can help the battle ram to hit the enemy’s tower by covering them from any air troops. Minion horde? Bats? Baby Dragon? You name it.



Mega Minion

Mega minion is not so different, though. The job description is similar but the character not entirely. This flying iron can be a distraction, diversion or let’s say a kiter. Mega minion is useful to use in defending. Also, the mega minion can work as a tank for battle ram, though.


Archers are another ground troops in this deck that aimed to help you defend your base. They can shoot enemies effectively with a diversion in front of him.




Heal is a supporting card. This spell is to help battle ram gain some health in case it loses some of the HP on the way to enemy’s tower. Also, it can support your defending troops, too.



Knight is efficient to go up against any type of attack. Yes, this card is to defend your base. Just kite any attacking unit your enemy send you with this card. Furthermore, he can be used as a tank while you attack.


poison-card-clash-royale-kingdom fire_spirits-card-Clash-royale-kingdom


Poison is a damaging spell. It can protect your battle ram from any swarm army. The combo is currently meta, you know. After you deploy your battle ram, place the poison and heal just right to get the whole benefit.

Fire Spirits

Fire spirits are just as good as a cheap swarm army wiper. These 3 hot balls can give 3 splash damages. Help your battle ram by deploying them together. Minion horde? Skeleton army? Goblin gang? You name it.



battle ram deck-clash-royale-kingdom

Battle Ram

Battle ram is the primary card here. Hence, the title is the battle ram deck. Well, consider this card as the leading actor in the movie that you love so much. Protect it and entertain yourself.

Well, that is all from me, clashers! I have to go now, just remember you have a life to live you know. Till next time! Don’t forget to share it with your fellow clan if you think this one helps! Enjoy!