Battle ram current best deck. Go check this out!

Good morning guys! Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy. Today I want to review one special deck which so many advanced players use. In higher level, especially when you have entered arena 6, you will get battle ram card. Battle ram is a card which has high damage at its first charge on enemy’s tower.


Battle ram is a building target card, so it’s so annoying when your battle ram gets distracted by enemy’s building as the diversion. After it crashes the enemy’s tower, two barbarians will show up automatically, and sure it will give high damage on enemy’s tower. However, the enemy will try so hard to block the battle ram. So, it won’t crash the tower to avoid its high damage recharge. If you want to play using battle ram, you should know how to anticipate the enemy’s troops that block battle ram.

Let’s go to the deck combination

Average elixir cost : 3.3



Bowler’s primary function is to get rid of the troops which block the battle ram because bowler can throw the big stone and push away the enemy’s troops, even the low elixir card will be executed instantly when the stone scrolling on the way; it will clear up lane easily and quickly. So, the battle ram will crash the tower and hit with high damage recharge without any block from the enemy.

Miner (optional as substitute)

I suggest you enclose miner in your deck guys. Miner will be so helpful. To attack the enemy’s tower from behind in case the battle ram cannot recharge on enemy’s tower. Most of the players launch miner when the troops are busy fighting. So that the miner will be able to stealthy attack the tower. When you think your defense needs extra protection, you can launch miner as a troop for protection, just put it in the right position, and it will help your defense.

Wizard and Ice Wizard 

You can set wizard as a primary support that can diminish the enemy troops number so the battle ram can recharge on enemy’s tower. Moreover, it can be a deadly striker when the barbarians from the battle ram are the tank for the wizard. Wizard can also function to help the defense since he can deal with air and ground troops.

Another wizard you should enclose is ice wizard. Ice wizard primary job is to defend your tower. It can slow the enemy down and also it has reliable HP too but low damage. So, it will be the perfect choice to defend your tower. Sometimes, after ice wizard protects your tower, he will support your attacking troops by slowing the enemy down. Ice wizard also just cost 3 elixirs, it’s cheap but helpful.

The Stopper

The Dealer


The knight is a right choice for the tank. It functions to tank your troops and battle ram while the battle ram is running to the enemy’s tower. So, when you attack, you better have your knight in front of the other troops. You don’t really need bigger tank such as golem or giant. They are not effective because we need the tank troop which also can attack the enemy’s troops to help the other support purging the way for battle ram. Although it costs low elixir and not as big as the giant, it will be a reliable tank for the troops. Trust me, it works!


The archers are good to give slight damage on the enemy, and they also shoot from a distance either air or ground troops. Or else, they can be the diversion in case the enemy launches single target troops like P.E.K.K.A. It also can help anticipating the enemy’s air troops since we have less air defense here. Although they might seem useless in battle ram countering but trust me, it helps.

Mirror Card and Zap 

For the spell, I suggest you bring the mirror card and zap. The reason to choose mirror card is The last card you should enclose in the deck is mirror card because it can double up any card you think better to be doubled up. I personally will choose to double up the bowler or wizard, so, either your defense or attack will get extra strength. 

Another spell is zap. I suggest you use zap or lightning because you already have fast troops, so you don’t need rage. You also don’t need the freeze because you already have the ice wizard to slow down the enemy. What you need is the spell to execute the enemy’s troops. Therefore, the perfect option is either zap or lightning. I prefer zap rather than lightning because of its elixir cost; zap is cheap. Lightning is also good, but it requires more elixir. So, I think zap is the best spell in this deck.

No 1 spell

secondary spell

Simple Strategy and My Advice

– The plan to run this strategy is pretty easy.

– The key is to not launch the battle ram at first start of your attack; it will be just waste of elixir.

Always start countering from defensive Bowler


– Launch battle ram when you think it’s the time.

– Just try to succeed your battle ram’s charge on the enemy’s tower, get rid of the enemy’s troops so the battle ram can run smoothly.

Launch battle ram after you have the path cleaner


– Once your battle ram charges the enemy’s tower, I’m sure that the ram will cause some serious damage on the tower with your support troops’ help.

There you have it guys, and you better try this strategy. It’s such a fun and challenging deck. Alright, if you have any comment or suggestion please feel free to leave your comments down below.

I love you guys, cheers!