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Me back again here from the Clash Royale Kingdom and I will continue our series of Kingdom’s file in this beautiful afternoon.

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion or tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can put yours.

For this series, like what you read above, the card that we will talk about is called the Battle Ram.



What should we know first about the Battle Ram?

Battle Ram basically is two Barbarians carrying a big log on top of their head. The log itself is so big. It can be used by the two Barbarians to crush everything in front of them.


battle ram

The Battle Ram is categorized as melee troops as well as a rare card. Battle Ram will be available to unlock as soon as you reach the Arena 6 (Builder’s Workshop).

What is unique about the Battle Ram is they have two abilities in one card


Hit and Stab

Like what has been mentioned above, the card has two abilities in one package. The first is when the Battle Ram still in the log mode.

In here the Barbarians will have a log they carry on their head to use to attack all kinds of building including the tower.

The damage effect of the log’s punch is pretty devastating. It can create such high damages on all of the buildings cards or even destroy the opposite’s tower if they are able to march on into the enemy’s defensive line.


The Battle Ram ready to hit the tower

The movement of the Battle Ram also has its own unique. Like Prince, Battle Ram can run faster after travelling certain distance.

After deployed and running in certain space, they can speed up right into the building’s face to smash the log and destroy the building.


The Battle Ram’s charge

They are a complete counter to all kind of buildings in the game. Remember the log smash can only be used once. Once it hits a building then the log will also be crushed.

After hitting a building, then the card will turn into its second ability.

The two Barbarians will become their true identity, draw their sword and start to fight all of the troops and building.

So, they are basically will hit and try to destroy all kind of building in the first place until they are turning into the swordsman we all know about the barbarians.

As they will target a building first, you can use them to counter the Inferno Tower as they will crush the log first and the barbarians will do the rest to dismiss the tower.


Hit it to the tower full of fire

The Battle Ram also will be efficient if they are accompanied by your other cards. One of the most effective combos is you can create a combo attacking strategy with Baby Dragon and Goblin Barrel.

Use the Baby Dragon first to fly forward to the tower to create certain damage and also to distract your enemy’s troops. As they are getting busy, unleash the Battle Ram to crush the tower with the log. As soon the log destroyed then while they turned into barbarians, throw the goblin barrel to the tower.

This could guarantee you a tower down. The combo will need 11 elixir but the combo would certainly give you advantages.

One of the Battle Ram combo


The Battle Ram is a very versatile attacking card with only spending 4 of your elixir. With its versatility, the card will make a good combo with the other cards.

There are lots of combos that can be practised using the battle ram. We have reviewed the card and creating strategies using the card a lot on the website where you guys actually can read it to know more about the best strategies using the card.

That was just a little from me. Of course, you guys again can add some interesting idea or more tips n tricks using the card, you can discuss it all in this Kingdom’ file series.

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