“Today is a good day” that’s what I’m kept saying to myself every day just to cheer myself. It works mate! that’s my claim tho but yeah do it! Show some love to me! haha nah, kidding


ClashRoyaleKingdom crew is here again. Today we’re gonna tell a story of a brand new challenge called the Battle Ram Challenge!

The brand new Battle Ram Challenge is a challenge that involved the Battle Ram card on your decks. Here are the things you should know about the challenge!

Play with the Battle Ram on your decks to win the Battle Ram. Unlock Battle Ram cards if you are able to have  5 wins and up. All cards will be available to you in this special challenge. This should be exciting!

The challenge is come in two flavours (“Classic” & Grand”) with one free entry in the first attempt. Unlock the Battle Ram during the challenge and it will start appearing in your chests before the normal release! 

Yap, mate be ready!

If you want to share things about the challenge please don’t hesitate to put it in the comment section down below. Stay positive you all of my lovely people.

Signing out for now, cheers!