Hey! Where’s that smile? Show it to the person next to you, show it to your mum.


I know you don’t have a girlfriend. Don’t lie, it’s okay mate. Just stay in front of your gadget because it is a good time to play the Clash Royale.

Yap, today we will continue our own series called the Kingdom’s file and all you have to do is to sit relax, enjoy reading and think what you want to say later about this.

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

And for today the card that we will discuss is flying, it is fast, it is cute. Ops, I think I’m using “it” will be wrong. Should we use “they”? Yea I think it is more proper. Sorry for the inconsistency mate. Hehe.

They are dangerous yet they are cute. I’m not exaggerating things but it is true and they are called “bats”!


Well, they are named precisely like what they are. They are bats, but again I would still say that they are cute. Ha!

There are five of them will be flying on the battlefield if you decide to deploy them as soon if you get them into your decks.


They are categorized as a common troop where you can find and unlock them at the arena 8 (Frozen Peak). You only need 2 of the elixir to use them in a battle.

The Tiny Creatures with Big Ears

The main power of bats overall is as an air troops they are very fast, quicker than the other air troops like a baby dragon, inferno dragons or even minions.

By using their speed, you can combine an air attack with another pacey air troops for example with minions. It could be effective to launch an air force attack as fastest as you want.

The card itself is a very effective card to face the cheap cards like the skeletons or the goblins as they will dismiss them right away. But not every goblin, since the spear goblins could kill the bats easily using their spears.

bats-skeleton army

Bites the bones

As well as could have benefit for attacking, bats could also beneficial in defending again if you put them with other troops. For example, with combining the bats with archers they can even face or kill a legendary card like inferno dragon.

With assistance from your tower arrows, the bats can dismiss the baby dragon as the baby dragon can stand a swarm army for too long

bats-baby dragon

The tinies kill a dragon

The other advantage of having bats in your decks is they can be a good support for your other troops. For example, if you launch a ground-based card to attack the opponents then the bats will be an effective company to them.  

To use them to counter card like balloon will be effective as they will crush the balloon before reach your tower.


Crushing the balloon before reaching your tower

The ground-based tank cards also will feel uneasy facing the bats as the bats will create damage them. You can try to counter the P.E.K.K.A or even the Mega Knight using the bats.

Like the other cheap cards, the bats will be easily dismissed using the arrows. To use the minions or the minion horde also will be effective to dismiss the bats


With all of their capabilities, bats still are easy troops to dismiss and don’t have good self-defence nor good damage impact to enemy’s troops. But since they only cost 2 of your elixirs, you can consider them to be put on your decks.

You are in the Kingdom’s file right now so guys let us know what you think about this Bats new card whether if you like the card or not.

If you guys also feel to share or add maybe more interesting tips in using the card then feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss it all.

The crew also have reviewed the card once before and create a deck that is effective involving the the bats where you can check it out here

Time for me to go back to my lovely bed, Cheers!