Good day people of the world! Back here with me verd. Coming to you to share some awesome deck guide. Today it’s going to be the Barrel freeze deck combo. Without any further ado, let’s hit it!






Average Elixir Cost: 3.0

Play This Deck

The deck up above is still optional. If you’re confident with any other cards to use. Be my guest, as long as the job description of the cards is still similar. Remember that you just need to have a good cycling cards.






Ice spirit

Ice spirit is the most efficient card that can counter pretty much every other card in the game. Ice spirit is the one you have to include in this deck. Aside from the benefit of cycling card. It costs only 1 elixir. Most noteworthy, this walking ice can freeze the enemy for a while, making them vulnerable. This is just currently meta, you know.



Bats is the card you might want to rely on. For all reason, here stand one, these 5 little flying bats are just the ones we need to go against any kind of massive attack. As long as they are protected, nothing can touch your tower, I assure you. Furthermore, they are so useful to include in your counter-attacking.



Yellow moustache guy! What’s up. He is the most efficient card in defending your base. He is the true card to sacrifice, yup sorry guy. You can use him to be the damaged receiver while dealing with the enemy’s attack. Making your tower and any other troops free from any damage is the Knight’s duty.



Fireball is just an end-game card. The fireball can deal an average-damage. Also, since the fireball is the only damaging spell you have on this deck, you might want to rely on your patience in deploying this card. When you see some massive or critical tower, then you can deal the card.


Main Cards


musketeer-card-clash-royale-kingdomgoblin barrel-card-clash-royale-kingdomTornado-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomfreeze-card-clash-royale-kingdom


A ranger, a Musketeer will help the Skeletons and the Poison from the far. She can be used as a damage dealer while the tower will only target those Skeletons of yours. Also, she can be as good in defending as in attacking.


Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel is the primary strategy here. The card is a spell, btw. You can toss this spell wherever you want in the arena. The main job for this card is to keep harassing the enemy’s tower and take them out with fireball when you have the chance.



Tornado is just a card you use as efficiently as possible. It can be a great way to make elite barbarians, hog, miner to hit and wake up your crown tower using tornado, though. However, you can also make this card you main defending mechanism if you do not have your knight available at the moment.



This is the third spell on this deck. Freeze is the spell that can make all the difference. With this spell card on your deck, you can make the enemy’s troops together with their towers freezing. Just mind your timing and placing when you decide to deploy the card.



First minute of the game

In the beginning of the game, you can start with placing musketeer and see what kind of response your enemy will give you. Therefore, you can get the picture that, at the first minute of the battle you have to rely on your patience and play defensively before you go with your goblin barrel freeze.


From 2 minutes

In this moment, you might want to start harassing the enemy’s base with your goblin barrel. Deploy your barrel just right in time and place to get the most benefit. Most relevantly, you have to deploy the spell (freeze).


Last minute sudden death

At the last minute, until the sudden death comes, you have to succeed first in defending your tower. If you confident with your defensive mechanism. You can deploy the goblin barrel whenever you get the chance. It is up to you to make these three goblins as the main attacking card because it depends on your situation. If you have the advantage you can give them a shot at the attacking just give him some freeze spell.


Again, it depends on your style of playing the game, though. In the meantime, do not forget to share it with your fellow mates! Peace out!