Hey, guys! Verdaccio here, back to you to share some deck guide with you. Today it’s going to be the Barrel and Clone story. I’m so excited to present to you guys my fun deck. It is a troll deck but, I’m not trolling in battle. Hence, this is a win-condition deck, I assure you. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.



The deck

Average Elixir Collector: 3.3

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The cards




Executioner is a perfect combination for the tornado. It deals splash area damage. So, no matter how crowded the enemy troops are, the executioner will quickly erase them out of existence only by swinging its boomerang or axe. The Ex-onado is your most reliable defense mechanism here; also, it can make your counter-attack gets more dangerous, too. 



I select Tornado because we have to counter enemy cards and so I choose the Tornado for defensive. When I play defensive tornado, I mostly combine it with the executioner. As a result, while the tornado fires on its whirlwind and gathers the enemy in one line, the executioner will easily cut their throat with its flying axe boomerang.


Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon has everything we need, and it deals gradual damage per second and reliable HP too. Generally speaking, we can use Inferno Dragon to counter the enemy’s tanker/damage dealer with the high amount of HP such as Golem, P.E.K.K.A, Giant, Lava Hound, etc. One inferno dragon will quickly topple those tankers down because of its gradual damage. Most of all, we should get aware first whether the enemy has Zap or not, though.


Electro Wizard

On dealing the Ex-onado, you can disclose Electro Wizard to get in. You place the Electro Wizard when the enemy’s HP is on its limit/ got hit so much by the Ex-onado. You can send the Electro Wizard and wipe all the enemy troops in the whirlwind using its passive, Zap. Now, it is the time to counter-attacking using the… Ok, wait!


Combination cards


goblin barrel-card-clash-royale-kingdomclone cardmirror-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomknight-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Goblin Barrel

First of all, Goblin Barrel is the leading actor here, just put them on your deck. Most noteworthy, you have to launch the Barrel right after the enemy’s tower is aimed by your counter-attack. So, the tower won’t hit your Goblins, and they can make the free hit on it. Consequently, the card has always to be prepared.



Clone, with this spell in your deck you can have 6 Goblins from the Barrel. Because what we’re looking for is the damage dealing. Hence, what we want is not just the double units but to win the fight. Well, I usually wait for the moment where my counter troops are close enough to the opponent’s tower before I deploy the Barrel and Clone the Goblins. 



Knight should be enough to tank any massive attacks. It’s cheap, and his job is just to sacrifice its HP as to make the counter-attack troops safely can reach the enemy tower without being hit by any enemy’s troops. Before we attack, we should make sure that you have both the Goblin Barrel and Clone on the active deck bench, though.



You can use the mirror to send the enemy your best confusing attacking. What..? See a situation that requires you to act fast like in the sudden death moment. Here you can attack both sides with the same card. The same card you use as an attacking mechanism will entirely give the enemy such a hard time to with which side of the lanes.



Early game (3.00 2.00)

At the beginning of the game, you can start giving the enemy a little attempt using the Goblin Barrel. Only the Goblin Barrel guys! Don’t clone them just yet, you to be patients at the beginning of the game. Since the primary weapon is your counter-attack.


Mid game (2.00 1.00)

In the middle game, you can now start being annoying, push the lane with two to three cards, pick any of them by all means. Nevertheless, keep in mind that if the enemy has the Elixir advantage, you might want to hold on your play like in the early game.


Late game (1.00 till the end)

Your time has come. This is the time where you can deliver your all-out attack. You can deploy all the eight cards on the deck at this double Elixir moment. That’s the reason why a cycling/trolling deck is currently meta. All eight cards in the deck will counter any troops in the game. Just keep deploying till you get the game.


There it is guys! That is all from me today. If you have something to add, any suggestions or questions. Just fill the comment column down below. Verdaccio, peace out!