Good morning everybody. I hope you get up from your bed, make yourself a cup of tea and have a great mood to start your day.


The Clash Royale Kingdom crew is back today and today we will continue our discussion series which is called the Kingdom’s file.

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion or tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

And for today’s series, the card that we will talk about is maybe one of the most familiar cards in the Clash Royale game. The card name is Barbarians!



As one of the most known cards in the game, the barbarians can be found and unlocked in their own house in the arena 3 (Barbarian Bowl). The barbarians are categorized as the common troops.

I guess you all have known much about this card’s appearance. They looked like the middle-aged dude that are ready go to the war wherever it is.


They have that blonde yellow hair and a long moustache. They looked so brave as maybe they are ready to put in the front row in a war.

They have swords in their hand as their main weapon to go to the battlefield. You will need 5 elixirs to use this card in the arena.


In the Front Row

As what mentioned above, the Barbarians are ready to put in the front row of a battle. They are a true intense physical soldier as they would run right into your enemy’s face trying to swing their sword and kill them.

There will be 4 barbarians if you decide to deploy them in the arena.

As they are a true physical fighter, they can create high damages on everything they face. The most effective way to use the barbarians is of course to crush your enemy’s tower.


Barbarians destroying the tower

They can destroy a single tower on their own if they are given a chance. This is why they are a front-rowers.

Not only the towers every kind of building can be faced by the barbarians as the four of them will crush them down.


The Barbarians crush the Furnace

We haven’t mentioned that they can create a devastating effect on the troops in front of them. The Barbarians can be effective to face the tank since they are a melee troop.

They can dismiss the tank units like the Giant, Prince, or the Giant Skeleton. They also can be efficient to face the mighty P.E.K.K.A but they will not be able to dismiss her, but the damage would be enough to weaken her.


The Prince couldn’t stand the Barbarians

To attack and to create pushing to your enemy’s territory then the Barbarians would also be a very good addition. You can try to accompany them with the other swarm armies, for example, the skeleton army to create the push.

They are certainly will kill one by one, but once they can reach the tower then you know what happens next if they are swarm armies achieving a tower.

Pushing forward with the skeletons

The barbarians themselves will be quite easy countered by the air troops since nothing they can do against the air troops.

The baby dragon can dismiss them if they are marching on to your enemy’s tower, although there is a chance that one of them will escape but will end up nothing as the tower with dismissing them.

The Dragon is too hard for them

Not only the baby dragon, the barbarians will also be dismissed by the swarm air armies like the minion hordes. The minion hordes will easily punch and crush them down.

On the ground, another swarm armies like the skeleton armies will dismiss the barbarians and create the negative elixir trade for you.



For spending 5 of your elixirs, of course, it will be quite big for some players but since the barbarians are quite a versatile card then they will fit in into many strategies to use in the game.

I bet some of you use them as one of your favourite cards. So, if you have something to share some tips n tricks to use them better then feel free to discuss it in the comment section, mate.

I guess there are a lot of you that know more than me, so hearing some of you would be nice!

I think that’s all from me for now, see you next time