Barbarians Best Gameplay, Deck Matchups, Strategies. Barbarians are Potential 

Holla everyone! Welcome to the new article with me again here, JohnnyBoy. Happy Thursday and don’t worry, weekend is in front of us. Do the best for today and let’s start the discussion. Alright folks, today we are gonna talk about the best barbarians’ gameplay, strategies, and of course the best deck matchups.

Do you like barbarians? What is your opinion towards this iconic and legend card? Some of you might not like barbarians because they are slow, 5 elixir, and low damage point. However, barbarians must be made for certain purpose and we might not find the best way to play it. Well, barbarians consist of 4 barbarians and they are quite tanky.

In today’s article, we are gonna match the barbarians with single damage dealer and sure they will work cooperatively. Before we talk further, let’s see what’s in the deck first.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.5

Play This Deck

As you can see that we don’t have any strong tanker in the deck. And 2 cards in the deck are uncommon among players; mini PEKKA and barbariansMini PEKKA will be in the middle of the barbarians and go countering covered by 4 gentlemen here. As you probably know that the way to cover direct damage melee such as mini PEKKA is to cover with splash are damage. That’s true folks, but barbarians as cover turns out to be a great idea. Having barbarians will prevent us from direct damage like inferno, musketeer, prince card, minions.

Utilizing its reliable HP, the dealers covered by the barbarians will survive from direct damage. The thing that might concern us is bomb tower. Bomb tower could be a disaster against this strategy. But after certain adjustment, I know how to prevent the damage from bomb tower.

Beside mini PEKKA, we have another direct dealer; inferno dragon. It seems like 4 barbarians can excellently cover the inferno dragon. While the enemy try to distract the inferno with skeleton army let’s say, we have barbarians to be their target. And with the spell support, those army will be executed and inferno can back to focus on the tower.


general gameplay

About the spells

Talking about spells, we have arrows, zap, and rage spell. Remember guys, that our focus will be on the direct dealers, mini PEKKA and inferno dragon. Therefore, we better bring the spell that can kill the swarmy.

The spells and barbarians will protect the dealer until they connect to the tower. So, once you have either inferno or mini PEKKA with barbarians, prepare the spell in case the enemy deploys swarmy. Go with the zap if you face skeleton army or goblin gang. And arrows when you face minion horde.

We will bring the burst dealer and mini PEKKA to connect to the tower.



burst dealer with rage to get 3 crowns


arrows prediction on swarmy vs inferno


rage once inferno connects. (Check the time)

How to counter? 

Alright, whenever you go countering, try to deploy the dealer first. Deploy mini PEKKA or inferno dragon since you are defending. And once they are about to enter the bridge, deploy barbarians on the bridge. Once they head to the tower together, prepare your spells and don’t deploy anymore troops. That’s how you counter with barbarians, but that’s not the only counter strategy.

We have witch and wizard which we can use to cover the dealers. This might be not as strong as with barbarians cover but sure this can cause trouble for the enemy too. So, whenever you want to counter, deploy witch behind the tower. See what’s enemy move. If they intend to counter first, let the witch play the defense with wizard.

Both cards combination will create a strong defense against any counter; swarmy attack or building targeting counter. However, if they counter with a tanker and supports, we match the mini PEKKA with inferno dragon.

With mini PEKKA and inferno dragon

Set the mini PEKKA specially to kill the tanker. The way to set it up is to deploy the inferno one tiles around your tower. So, the inferno will meet the tanker first instead of the supports. Mini PEKKA will fight the support while they attack the inferno.

If mini PEKKA has reduced a lot of HP, don’t play barbarians cover in counter attack. We can go with the inferno right after we defend. Just wait till your elixir reaches 7 or 8 than we deploy inferno dragon behind the tower. Here, we should deploy inferno dragon behind tower due to barbarians deployment on the bridge. 

Wait till elixir reaches 5 bars and deploy barbarians on the bridge. Make sure that mini PEKKA is not in front or behind the barbarians; set it to be in the middle. To set the mini PEKKA in the middle, we deploy the mini PEKKA right before the barbarians enter the bridge. 1 sec deployment time will adjust mini PEKKA to be in the middle. That’s okay too if you fail to set the dealer in the middle, we can still go on with dealer behind cover. Now, prepare the spells.


barbarians first and inferno. On the middle be like this

Barbarians to kill the troops on the bridge

Next thing we can do to start countering is to deploy barbarians to kill the enemy’s troops on the bridge. Whenever you see the enemy last troop like wizards, princess, witch, we deploy barbarians on the bridge. Let those troops target our tower first, without waiting too long, barbarians will kill the quickly.

Play barbarians like this once you have above 8 elixir due to immediate deployment. Once you deploy barbarians to counter enemy troops, deploy inferno immediately.

At least try to deploy inferno to be in the middle or behind barbarians, not in front. Now, you have a fast counter attack with this deployment orders.

Defensive barbarians

We can use the barbarians to defend the lane, they’re reliable. If we are head to head with troops like prince, wizards, witch, knight, ebarb, musketeers, we can go defensive barbarians.

Count on barbarians like this will prevent us from tower damage. Besides, we will have a chance to have a strong counter attack with wizard mini PEKKA, or witch inferno.


barbarians counter the prince cover by wizard


The next thing we are gonna talk is anti-electro cover. This will occur when we have inferno dragon as the dealer. Inferno is like a stupid dragon whenever electro wizard counters it. And having barbarians in front of inferno will prevent inferno to be a fool dragon. It is because electro wizard only deals with 2 zap line that aim to only 2 troops. 2 barbarians in front inferno will be the target while inferno, in a short range, will free from zap.


ewiz zaps on the 2 barbarians (look). No zap on inferno

Mini PEKKA wizard/inferno separation

There is one different defense strategy that we can utilize from mini PEKKA. Whenever we defending against heavy troops like RG, GS, giant, hog rider, we can easily counter it.

Just deploy wizard first beside your tower. Wait till the tanker or building targeting enter our territory. Wizard will stand beside the tower and continuously gives its splash damage. While mini PEKKA will kill the supports. You can actually replace mini PEKKA with inferno or barbarians. If we go with the barbarians than we have barbarians to kill troops on the bridge (read above)


separation, wizard on inferno, GS on mini PEKKA


Alright folks, it’s time for you to upgrade the barbarians and utilize 100% its power. Are you a barbarians’ player? Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. And don’t hesitate to leave your comment bellow. See you again soon in another useful article!

Have fun!