The Barbarian Hut Clash Royale!


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In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

So, for today’s series, the card that we will talk about is the card that I think you guys maybe have known much about in playing the Clash Royale.  The card is called the Barbarian Hut!


Barbarian Hut is categorized as a rare building card. You can find and unlock the card as soon as you entering the arena 3 (Barbarian Bowl). Of course, it is their arena since it is maybe where the Barbarians were made.


Barbarian hut clash royale-intro

With taking a look at the building’s appearance again like what it is called, it is looked like a hut. But the hut will summon the mighty Barbarians out of it and ready to enter the battle.

You will need to spend 7 of your elixir if you want to deploy the card on the battlefield.

Let the Barbars Out

Just like been mentioned above, the main ability of the barbarian hut is to summon the barbarians out of the building to march forward.

The barbarians themselves are the usual barbarians like what you know, but the difference is only two barbarians that will be out of the hut for a one-time summoning. Compare to four when you use the usual barbarians card.


barbarian hut clash royale-1

Unleash the barbars

As what you know about the ability of Barbarians who deal with great damage, once the Barbarians pair can reach your enemy’s tower then, of course, they can destroy the towers.

You can imagine the effect if they are deployed time by time by the hut. So that’s the main advantages of using the card.

You can use Barbarians to support your pushing to the opponent’s territory with the other cards especially with a tank card to create a maximum pushing.


barbarian hut clash royale-2

Help creating the pushing

Compare to Goblin Hut, Barbarian Hut is more efficient to use to defend your tower from destruction.  The Barbarians that have better health compared to Goblin, can defend your tower from the marching on enemy while also creating damage or kill them before achieving your tower.


barbarian hut clash royale-3

Helping to defend the tower

But to combine them with the Goblin Hut also will be great, as you will create the great spawner strategy and one of the most effective defending strategy.

The building itself can stand for a minute so the card could deploy up to 5 pairs of Barbarian if it is not distracted.


The Spawner combo

As Barbarians could not target the air troops then Barbarians and their hut will be easily dismissed by the air troops especially by Minion Horde that can destroy the hut if they are near.

A hit from Rocket will also become devastating to the Barbarian Hut but wouldn’t make it destroyed right away, different from the Goblin Hut.


The 7 elixir amount that the barbarian hut need, of course, is an expensive one. But with calculating all the ability that it offers, for me, it is all worth as you guys know how great Barbarians as a fighter.

I think maybe some of you also put the Barbarian Hut as one of your favourite cards on your decks. So, if you guys have more interesting tips n tricks, you can share it all here in the Kingdom’s file.

Again, feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss them. It would be lovely to hear all of your thought, my mate.

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