Barbarian Hut Best Gameplay, Deck Matchups, Strategies. The Train Station with Dangerous Loads 

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In today’s article, we are gonna talk about the best way to use barbarians hut, when to deploy it, where is the best deployment place. Also, I want to give you the best deck that can match the barbarian hut.

Some of you might don’t like barbarians and barbarians hut. It is because you don’t know yet about how to play it. Alright folks, for me personally barbarian hut is like a train containing a very dangerous weapon. The train will always be spawning 2 barbarians as tankers. In every several minutes the hut spawns, we will enclose at least one dealer to go in front guarded by the barbarians. Well, before we talk further about the strategies, let see what we have in the deck.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.3

Play This Deck

As I said earlier that we will always enclose the dealers behind 2 spawning barbarians. The number one dealer is inferno dragon. Having collaboration of inferno dragon and barbarians will create an anti-electro inferno. as you all know that inferno dragon is so weak against electro wizard. Its zap passive ability will disable inferno’s burst damage. Cover the inferno with barbarians will make the 2 zap lines aiming to the 2 barbarians and free the inferno. Its burst damage can still brutally hit the electro wizard.

Another advantage is that we will be free from swarmy distraction. Remember that we also have spells to support inferno barbarians against swarmy. We can always deploy the arrows or zap to get rid the swarmy.

What’s the hut’s function?

Before we talk about the strategies, will be better if we understand first about the hut’s function. Barbarian hut is like a train station that always depart many trains. Same thing with barbarian hut. This is the train where you can put the dealer behind them in every barbarian spawning.

Besides, this hut building also function as distraction building which strengthens your defense. Every building targeting or troops will head to the hut first before the tower. 

Once those incoming troops distracted, the 2 barbarians will come out and combat the enemy. Barbarians have reliable HP so we can count on 2 barbarians as enemy’s target while we put the dealers to kill the incoming troops. Although this hut cost you 7 elixir, this will be worth it because you can always have 2 tiny tankers in every several minutes.


electro wizard is no longer problem

Where to put the hut?

Alright, in order to create a correct countering with barbarian hut, we should know the precise deployment place. Once you put it on the precise spot, it will become a building distraction for every incoming troops, especially building targeting troops. No matter where the enemy deploy their building targeting, it will always head to the barbarian hut. Now, we have the barbarian hut anti building targeting.

Where? Well, the best spot to deploy the hut is on the middle of your tower.


That giant should head to the hut first

Look at the tiles and side wing. If you deploy the hut one more to the left or right, building targeting troops won’t get distracted. So, please take a look carefully.

How to play it?

Alright, here we come to the strategies part. Every time you have the hut on the list, always deploy it. although when you are defending, deploy it on the precise spot I told you earlier. Then, whenever the hut spawns 2 barbarians, you should always enclose the dealers. We have inferno dragon as the primary dealer. Besides, we also have goblins, archers, and bomber who can be good companionship for barbarians.

Once 2 barbarians come out, wait till they are about to enter the bridge. Then, deploy at least one dealer behind it. The dealer could be one inferno dragon, archers and goblins. After you deploy the dealers behind, support the countering with only one spell. Never deploy the spell more than 1 time because you’ll waste elixir.

Play patiently, keep calm and try again in the next barbarians spawn. On the next barbarians spawn, you deploy one more dealer behind barbarians. Support the next countering with one spell. Once you get into this step, you’ll understand that you are indirectly cycling the barbarians to be tiny tanker.


at least one dealer behind the fleet barbarians

In 2x elixir

Once you enter 2x time, deploy barbarian hut to be in front behind. So, you’ll make the one straight line of train station. Now, we will have 4 barbarians as tiny tankers which mean that we will have stronger counter than in early game.

Once 4 barbarians line up, put the inferno dragon and bomber. The bomber function to be splash area dealer. However, he can’t deal with air units. So, we should always prepare the arrows or zap. Deploy arrows specifically to counter minion horde, and zap for bats (if they have any)

Whenever you have rage on the list, deploy it after you make sure the swarmy has gone. Now, 4 barbarians and the dealers will brutally hit the tower under the rage effect.


How to defend?

As I said earlier that we should always have the barbarian hut on the ground. So, whenever we defend, the barbarians will be the enemy’s target and our dealers together with tower will strike on the enemy’s troops. To strengthen your defense, deploy the bomber too. Here is the best place to deploy bomber.


the bomber on its safe spot

In this spot, your bomber will have the precise range for him to throw the bomb without getting hit by the enemy. Always deploy bomber whenever you face the ground troops. And if the enemy counters with air units, deploy the inferno dragon first. Then, deploy archers on the save spot.


archers shoot on safe spot

The archers are easy to die, so we better place them in the very safe spot. Then how if the enemy counters with the dealers cover by troops like princess or wizards? That’s easy. You have barbarian hut already. If the enemy counter with air units, deploy the inferno dragon.

And now, we deploy the goblins to kill the wizards or princess once both troops target our inferno dragon or barbarians. 3 goblins will stop the wizards or princess from hitting our inferno or barbarians.


goblins after killing the princess, bats on miner

How if the enemy counters with a tanker and swarmy?

Don’t worry folks, we have fire spirit to specifically execute the swarmy. I think one bomber might not enough to get rid the whole army. To prevent the defense failure, we deploy the fire spirits. Both ground and air units swarmy will explode and we stop the swamry attack pretty easily.


fire spirits deployment place to kill all swarmy and less HP troops


Alright folks, that’s the very recommended and best strategies of playing barbarian hut. Once you know this, you’ll get victories easily. We just wait the train and load it with deadly weapon. Finally, I hope you enjoy this article and find this article useful. See you again soon and have fun!

Happy Friday!