For those who get Barbarian Barrel Clash Royale, check this out. Let’s see how to play Barbarian Barrel excellently and see how to combine Barbarian Barrel deck matchups. This is it, best Barbarian Barrel deck Clash Royale!


Hi there, it’s me JohnnyBoy and today I’m gonna give you a superb Clash Royale guide article about the new Barbarian Barrel Clash Royale with the best way to play it. Before we talk the strategy, let’s see the deck matchups first.

Best Barbarian Barrel deck Clash Royale


Average elixir cost : 3.6

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In my opinion, Barbarian Barrel is not so good card unlike the Log or Goblin Barrel. However, this card was made for a purpose, to support your troops on the bridge.

What I mean is that you can deploy Barbarian Barrel once you have troops coming to enemy’s lane. Deploy it and it would be out of enemy’s target. Then, the Barbarian will pop out and hit the enemy’s defenders.

Otherwise, Barbarian from the barrel can be the tower target if you deploy it before your troops get into enemy’s lane.


Graveyard is the key of counter push. Deploy Graveyard once the enemy targets on your coming troops.


Baby Dragon is the area dealer which we use to defend against a group of troops. Of course, you need to combine it with Lumberjack, Valkyrie, or Inferno Dragon to get a strong line of troops.


Inferno Dragon is useful and efficient to counter single troop with high HP. If you face heavy troops like Pekka, Giant, Knight, Valkyrie, or Dragons, you can use only Inferno Dragon.


Lumberjack is the countering melee. I recommend you to have him in counter push and defense. Despite his fast movement, he has passive rage ability which is beneficial for our coming troops.


Bats are helper. Send Bats to join your countering troops. They really complicate the enemy’s defense. And somewhat, they can be the crucial factor of destroying the tower.


Valkyrie is basically defending melee. She is very good because you will have efficient defense system due it her area ability and high HP.


Lastly, we have Arrows. Always prepare Arrows if you are in countering in order to prevent swarms ambush.

Attacking and defending with Barbarian Barrel

Remember, the key to success is to have a strong defense. Play the defense efficiently with Valkyrie or Lumberjack, or the dragons. Choose the suitable counter card to handle incoming troops.


Choose suitable defense

Then, combine your melee or dragons with another card to make sure nothing can harm your tower so badly.

At defending, you can use Barbarian Barrel after you have melee or dragons. Better if you don’t deploy Barbarian Barrel as the first defense card because it won’t work.

Not bad for defense 

Just play any card you think appropriate for defense. And afterwards, prepare for counter attack.

In counter attack after defense, choose one of our melee to lead the countering. Send whatever dragons you have on the list.


Prepare Graveyard in counter attack

Once the tower aims on the melee or dragons, deploy Graveyard on the tower. At this moment, you can send Barbarian Barrel to help giving damage on the tower or harming the enemy’s defenders.

Never underestimate Barbarian Barrel guys, it can help your counter attack so much. Without enemy knowing where the Barbarian come from, he can keep on hitting enemy’s troops and give our attackers bigger chance to destroy the tower.

Barbarian Barrel distracts Inferno Tower from Inferno Dragon

Card replacement


Substitute Arrows with Fireball


Barbarian Barrel Clash Royale is not so bad as I imagine before. After seeing its performance in several battles, I could see how it works. And it can give significant impact in higher level, it’s potential.

The barrel is good in defending against troops with many numbers like Goblin Gang, Skeleton Army, or even Witch. Troop like Witch is Barbarian Barrel’s counter card I would say.

Well, good luck!