Hey, Yow beautiful people wherever you are! Bandit Wizard deck? What is that? Yep, that’s the thing that we’ll discuss today.


Bandit is one of the unique cards in Clash Royale and that’s why we use her unique to do the attacking role.

The other cards in this deck including Wizard then would be good companies for her. Okay, wasting no more time, let’s check out the deck

Bandit Wizard Deck:

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

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Bandit will be the main destroyer but you can see above that we also bring more destroyer in the deck. later on, we aim for a great pushing in the late game.



Minion Horde is the swarm army of the air. They are great both in attack or defense. Balloon, Sparky or the ground tankers, they would deal with those cards easily.

Arrow is forever meta. To wash all the cheap cards, yea you know what the spell card can do.


Hunter is great to defend or just to create push. He can attack both air and ground. He is dangerous when he is near an enemy troop.

Knight is the most effective cheap tanker. With his ability to absorb attacks from the enemy then to create such pushing, he is effective.

clone card

We also bring another spell card, Clone here. The spell later would be used to clone the pushing just to double the quantity and to overwhelm the enemies.

bandit-card-clash-royale-kingdomwizard-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdommini PEKKA-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

The attack dealers! These three cards will be the main attackers. They have the job to create damages and crushing the towers.

We would aim for these three cards to walk together in the final pushing to deal with all the enemy’s troops and of course to win the battle.


Early Game

Time to test what the enemy’s response to your attack. To use Bandit would be effective. Just deploy her right on the bridge to let her jump to the tower.

See what cards the enemy use to deal with her while letting her at least creating such damage to the tower.

It is important to know first if the enemy has the swarm army like Skeleton Army or Minions. This is to make you know how to avoid them in the next move.

In this time, you can follow up the Bandit’s move by creating a push. Mini PEKKA and Wizard would be great.

Deploy the tiny destroyer behind your princess’ tower and Wizard just behind him. The Mini PEKKA would tank the Wizard while both of them could deal with damages with the push.

Start with the dash 

Last Minute – Sudden Death

In the last minute, we would try to overwhelm the enemy and start the final push. We would try to deploy all the attacking cards as much as possible.

You can start with using the Knight just to tank everyone behind him. Then Bandit, Wizard, Hunter and Mini PEKKA could follow it up. Just try to attack.

You can also accompany them with Minion Hordes to create the air attacking. By the time they are pushing around then you can Clone them to double their amount.

If you are doing it effectively, well I think you can finish the match as the winner.

Start the final push 


Every battle and strategy, as usual, will depend on what the enemy’s response and what situation happen in the battle. But as long as you stick to your plan and executing this deck well, then I bet you are the winner.

Okay mate, I think that’s all from me for today. If you guys found this deck effective then you can share it with your friends.

Also, if you have something in your mind, feel free to use comment section down below to express it out.

Your favorite uncle signing out now, Have a blissful day kids, cheers!