Aloha! How’s your day pals? Anything good since she left you? Don’t be sad, don’t cry in the corner. Don’t make yourself get embarrassed just because you love her too much.


Well haha, I’m sorry mate I get carried away, I don’t know if it’s you or me. Hehe. Oh I think I’m gonna listen to that Bieber new record all day, poor me.

Okay that’s enough, back to the game. I got something mesmerizing and it should light your mood up. YAA A NEW CARD IS HERE!

The new card name is BANDIT! Bandit? is that a too strong name for a card?

Actually, not really. Let’s get into the details of this bandit”. From what she looks like she is pretty much suit the name of Bandit. Wait, am I using she?

You are goddamn right, the bandit herself is a girl, looks like a little girl actually. She is wearing this kind of mask that covers her eyes, she has this kind of hoodie that make her looks cooler. She is a white-haired girl holding a stick, more like a baseball stick but ready to smash you to death.

From what I have seen, she is pretty cute by the way. The most advantage of this Bandit girl is she is very quick. She could run like very fast more like Flash form the DC comics. Start with dashing, she can suddenly appear right into the enemy’s face ready to smash them into pieces.


Not mentioning that she is so quick ready to leave you as quick as your ex. Ha! Sorry again, mate

By using her ability do dash right into your enemy’s place, she can quickly dismiss the weaker cards like skeletons for example.

But remember she is also not so strong in defending herself. She is pretty easy dismiss especially when facing strong cards like P.E.K.K.A or swarm armies like Skeleton Army.


For a card that spend 3 of your elixir, the Bandit could make your option richer for your decks. Yet make sure to get her first. Don’t ever let her leave you again mate.

And the last thing, make sure to put everything you have in your mind about this card. Leave it in the comment section