Bandit Deck with Mirror Troll Deck 1.8 Elixir

Good day everyone. Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy. I’m super excited today because I wanna share my awesome experience using bandit and combine it with mirror card. This is actually troll deck because you really don’t have any tank or crazy damage dealer on the deck.

The primary cards are only bandit and mirror card. Although this deck seems easily breakable, this actually doesn’t. I tried this over time, and I get at least 1 crown victory. Are you excited? Let’s go check the deck and the simple strategy.

Average elixir cost : 1.8


Play This Deck

First of all, we use mirror card to multiple the bandit, so we are gonna get greater charge damage by bandits. One bandit’s dash damage can cause serious trouble to the towers. Now, we have two bandits with two great charge damages on enemy’s tower plus they can put some more damage after the charge as well.

Two bandits can destroy one tower quickly if there are no blocking cards that divert bandit charge. However, that’s not gonna be that easy for you just to launch bandits and mirror it. We need some more suitable backup.

mirrored bandit 

I choose bats because I think they are faster and cheaper than minions. These bats meant to support either attack and defense. When we go with this deck, we haven’t any support air troops to anticipate enemy’s air counter. We only have bats. But, we can double up the bats, and it can be pretty much helpful for our defense.

Bats save us from sparky attack; sparky dies before shoots

This is the troll part. I pick skeletons for nothing, I mean we cannot expect much from skeletons. However, I pick skeletons because it’s good for card rotation.

Therefore, whenever the enemy comes to attack, and we don’t have the proper card to handle the troops, we can throw out the skeletons and pick the right card on the next rotation. Skeletons can divert the enemy too.

When you go up against P.E.K.K.A, knight, prince, giant, or any single target troops, you play the skeletons here. You can divert the enemy by using it, or you can use skeletons to hit the enemy’s troops while they target on our tower; you can stab the wizard or prince once they hit our tower.

Most of the times, I use fire spirit to defend and backup the bandits. Fire spirit can deal with skeletons army or minion horde which sometimes launched to block our bandits. If the enemy has numbers troops, you should have cards to counter those troops.

Fire spirit should be the best choice. They’re like bomber, but the spirit can fly to explode the air troops.

you can replace ice spirit with tornado to run tornado fire

I use ice spirit to utilize its splash damage when it crashes any troops. It’s good to have it in your deck because it has the same function with the fire spirit, but it has beneficial passive splash damage that it slows down the enemy when the spirit is crushed.

Since we don’t have any proper card for defense, we can use the slow down strategy. Every second’s matter in a big game. Therefore, if we can slow down the enemy using the affordable ice spirit, it could be great huh?

I use the log to counter every troop that blocks the bandits. You should have a card that can deal with area and log is a good option because it doesn’t only erase every blocking troops, but also give damage to the tower if it scrolls until the tower.

Sure, you can use the log to defend your lane. Whenever you see the incoming troops, you can quickly erase them all using the log. But I used to be very wise in using it.

Meaning if you know your enemy has skeletons army but they don’t launch it at the moment, you better keep the log to counter the army. But if the condition begins out of control, you can log every enemy’s troops.

Another small thing that I like from the log is that it can push away the enemy, so our tower will have some more time to hit them all. Here, we utilize the push away strategy.

So, if you see golem, giant, or any ground troops especially building target card you can push them away so our tower can have some more time to reduce their HP. But of course one log can’t kill heavy tankers such as golem, PEKKA, giant. 

Besides, we don’t play defensive; we will counter more and more with the bandit mirror. 

counter tanker with bandit mirrored; primary card

I think when you go trolling using this deck you should have zap to run the retarget strategy. By zapping on the enemy’s troops or building or tower, we can retarget them from attacking our bandit into targeting other troops.

Zap can also mute anything for a while, and that’s so good for defense. You can combine zap with the log to give some more distance and letting our tower to hit them all from the longer distance.

Sometimes I go trolling by zapping the enemy’s tower on the last hit to get the crown. I combine the zap with the mirror card to make sure that we can destroy the tower on the last hit and get the crown.

Nah, that is the best matchup to accompany the bandits. I also share the simple strategy in every card; how to use it, when, and how to attack using mirror bandit.

When you go troll, it should be so fun because we only have one goal; to mirror the bandit and hit the tower again and again.

1st bandit is dashing (look) immediately launch the mirrored from the bridge

We can start attacking by launching your bandit if you have the bandit on the first list. Mirror the bandit if you have the mirror on the first list. 

Launch the mirror on the opposite side. 

See where the enemy put the troops to anticipate bandit. If you see your bandit will go easier on the left, put the ice spirit or fire spirit to give some more damage on bandit’s first charge in the left behind the bandit. 

Standby the log or zap in case you see armies; can be minion horde or skeletons army. Keep the rest of the cards to anticipate enemy’s counter attack. If you don’t have both bandit and mirror on the list, you better throw away skeletons or the spirits to get either bandit or mirror at the next rotation.

Alright so that’s it; the deck combination and the strategy. I hope you enjoy this article and leave your comment if you have any suggestion or ideas about what should I review in the next article. Chao!