And hey ya young champs all over the world! I am here again. What we’re gonna discuss today? It is the Bandit Giant Skeleton deck time.


Yep, why bandit? Because I just think she is one of the most effective legendary cards around. Her ability to dash like a Flash is just so effective to use in a battle.

So, to combine her with cards that support her well would be a nice addition to win some matches. Then without wasting time, let’s see our deck.

Bandit Giant Skeleton Deck:

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1

Play This Deck

Like what you see above, Bandit will be our main cards to test the enemy’s guts. The other cards including the Giant Skeleton will be cards that would maximize the pushing later in the battle.


Actually, there is no such differentiation between the cards to be a supportive card or the main card.

This is because I think that all of the cards have the same role to create the pushing later in the battle. But let’s just discuss them.

guards card-clash-royale-kingdomwizard-card-Clash-Royale-KingdomMega-Minion-Clash-Royale-Kingdomfireball-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Guards are the defender. They will be the one to use to defend our tower from the enemies up front. Their shields are just too good to absorb the attack of the enemy’s troops.

Wizard is on the deck because his attacking ability is just dangerous and to use him as a pushing and damage dealer is a great addition.

We bring the Mega Minion, of course, to deal with the air. Using him in our pushing game or just to defend, he is not too nice for the enemy.

We got the only spell card in this deck. It is the end game card. We would use its power to finish a dying tower or just to smash the marching on the enemy.

bandit-card-clash-royale-kingdomgiant_skeleton-clash-royale-kingdommini PEKKA-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomwitch-card-clash-royale-kingdom

The very versatile lady Witch is here also. She is just too good and a card that just can fit into any kind of deck. There is always an advantage in including her to a deck.

Then the tiny destroyer! He is tiny but smashing a tower is his job. This card is the current meta. A great card to do a push.

Giant Skeleton will be the main tanker in this deck. Great HP, left a bomb when died and his punching. He is a favorite tanker.

As you know the dashing lady as the main damage dealer. Okay, let’s check the gameplay then.


Early Minute

In the early minute. Deploy your bandit right away on the bridge. This is just to check what the enemy’s response and troops.

This is also effective as she would at least create a damage by dashing right from the bridge.

For the next move, it’s time to create some pushing. Deploy Giant Skeleton from your princess tower. The moment he is near the bridge you can deploy the Witch or the Wizard.

It is up to you, both of them will be used as the damage dealer behind the Giant Skeleton. Just try to overwhelm the enemy for a while trying to hit some damage to the tower.

Test for response using the dashing lady

Last Minute – Sudden Death

This the time to deploy all the cards whenever it is possible. The 2 times faster elixir recharging would help you to do the destructive pushing.

The same as above deploy Giant Skeleton from your tower. What to do next? Put everyone behind him. Witch/wizard, Mini Pekka and of course the Bandit.

Put all of the damage dealers behind him. You got the Mini Pekka there just for the second tanker if the Giant Skeleton is distracted.

As the enemy would response massively, you can use the Fireball just to clear them all to distract your cards.

If this goes well, then to finish a tower down and win the game is a very possible thing to happen.

Time for some crushing  


Quite a versatile attacking deck it is. Try to attack is the job. Again, it depends on your gameplay or the situation in the battle.

So, just do your best, mate.

Okay, I think that’s all from me on this beautiful sunny morning. Put your thoughts, everything on your mind about this platform in the comment section down below.

I’m out for now, sayonara, have a blissful day.