Howdy Monday! Love to be here and write you another article. Dear readers, skeleton barrel is here already and that means, we will have a new counter strategy. I found so many players play this barrel and the battle seems to be richer, we have another variant of countering cards. Especially in the air countering. Welcome to the Balloon Skeleton Barrel deck. Skeleton barrel can take a lead and be distraction for our dealers once it is dropped.

Alright everyone, come back again with me JohhnyBoy. Today, I present you the new era for balloon with skeleton barrel combination. The focus or primary cards in this deck is the balloon, skeleton barrel, and rage spell. We will have skeleton barrel to be in front of the balloon and be the enemy’s first target. After they shut the barrel, 9 skeletons will come out and should be the next target. Meanwhile, our balloon will fly quickly due to rage effect which increase 25% speed movement. This countering will be so simple, only requires these 3 cards, and set the balloon as primary dealer, not just bomb deliverer.

This discussion is getting more and more interesting. Let’s take a look at the deck matchups first before we continue discussion in depth.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 2.9

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have inferno tower included in this deck. The tower will be the main defensive card and so this will enable us to play more efficiently. Having one inferno tower frees us from wasting more and more elixir for defense. We just need swarmy and ice spirit to succeed the burst dealer. We can complete the inferno tower with bats and ice spirit. Use the zap to execute every swarmy or to reset sparky or inferno dragon might be necessary.


inferno, bats, and ice spirit to shut the incoming troops

Another defensive card we have is skeleton army. As you all probably know, defense combo of skeleton army and inferno dragon is so strong and hard to compromise this. The enemy should go through hundreds skeleton first while our inferno tower keeps on dealing with those incoming troops. At this moment, we can send the ice spirit to freeze the for a while and let our tower also inferno to have more damage on them. You can send the bats as well to deal with incoming troops and by its fast movement, they can execute grounds units quickly.


see, strong deense and nothing touches our tower till end

What to do in early battle?

Alright, now let’s talk about the counter defense strategy. In countering, we have a very simple method; balloon barrel rage ultimate. This is that simple folks, all we need to do is to send the skeleton barrel first on the bridge. Right after the skeleton barrel, send the balloon on the bridge immediately. No matter what, we should rage after these cards launched. Therefore, you might have to mind the elixir before doing this.

Wait till the elixir reaches full bars first due to immediate launching after the first and second cards. If we don’t deploy the cards in immediate, the enemy will finish the skeleton barrel. In fact, we need it to be alive at least to free the balloon out of enemy’s target.  

After you counter with the first combo, play defensively again. I already told you the best way for defense; inferno tower, bats, ice spirit, skeleton army.


barrel, balloon, rage in immediate launch

Balloon, skeleton barrel, bats attack

There’s still another strategy we can do; combining balloon barrel with bats or skeleton army. Here, we will counter with swarmy and sure the enemy will be so exhausted. It is because at the same time, they should shut both balloon and skeletons fleet. Our balloon will probably out of target for a while and may have more bomb drops to the tower. We can give more pressure to the enemy by adding rage spell too.

The rage will fasten anything and the skeletons fleet will run quickly to anything in front ready to brutally stab it. We don’t need to worry if the enemy send area dealer such as wizards, baby dragon, witch. Balloon is a perfect building targeting card and it ignores those troops. Meanwhile, they will have to target options. If they target on the balloon, then skeletons fleet will pile up and become so dangerous.

Whenever they target on the skeleton fleet, then we will have raged balloon ready to unstoppably drop bombs. On the last counter row, we have bats. If the bats fly freely, this will be another nightmare for the enemy.


Late game

In the late game, we will play defensively while keep countering. What I mean by that is to have inferno tower ready in defending while we go countering with balloon barrel and swarmy (if necessary) under the rage.

Having both defense counter line up will give enemy no options but lose. I’m sure about this due to inferno tower eases everything. Once it’s built, we just have to leave it and focus on countering. And if the enemy counter back, we don’t need to worry because the inferno is ready to burn any troops by its laser fire.


Inferno tower is always ready on late game


Alright everyone, what do you think about this strategy? Would this be the next companion for balloon? Welcome to the new era of balloon folks, we are getting stronger with the skeleton barrel. This is the time to enrich your battle experience.

Do you have any idea or suggestion about this? Due to its recent launched, I still need to improve knowledge for this barrel. And if you have another strategy or tricks to play it, let me know in the comment section below.

Have fun and see you on battlefield!