Mega Knight Clash Royale. This is getting stronger and more would hate it.


Hello December! Finally, Christmas is right in front of us and that means we should be happy. Today is a very special day because we are in the first day of the very end month. Are you ready to seize the day everyone? You are here again with me JohnnyBoy who will bring you another useful article. For you who has some leisure time might wanna check this article till the end because I want to talk about a mega, fantastic, and full of surprises. In today’s article, we are gonna be discussing about a deck consisting mega knight, balloon, miner, and much more. This is what I mean full of surprises. There will be a lot of counter strategy we can run with certain cards combination.

Some of players complain against mega knight because this troop is considerably overpowered. He is gigantic and full armoured. Possessing jump damage as passive ability makes no one underestimates him. Moreover, he has small area damage which means skeleton army and goblin gang won’t stop him. What stops him then? Tell me your opinion about this superb guy.

Besides mega knight, we will enclose balloon as well. This one is everyone’s favourite since long time ago. Here, we will combine balloon with wizard and miner and play it alternately with mega knight. So, remember that we won’t put mega knight and balloon at the same countering. Therefore, we will have more than one counter combo with same harsh damage.

Before we discuss strategy in depth, better take a look at the deck matchups first.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.0

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have witchcraft power; wizard and ice wizard. These two gents will handle your defense line. Combining both of them in facing massive counter is a must. You’ll get easier with them trust me. In one hand, ice wizard will slow the enemy by giving its freeze effect (25% reducing speed movement). On the other hand, wizard will deal high are damage on those specific troops in small area. Actually, you can replace the fire wizard with electro. But here, we need one area dealer. If you go with the electro, you’ll get better troops with many passive abilities. Nevertheless, fire wizard will be needed because of its fire splash area.

Next card is miner. Having miner in your deck means that we will have tiny tanker which always be ready to receive damage for the sake of other incoming troops. So, whenever you defend with wizards (let’s say) then they survive, they shall continue counter attack. We can utilize their remaining HP to do a little bit extra job; hit the tower and reduce HP. Send the miner to tank them and by 3 elixir, you’ll get extra tower damage.


miner and the living survivor

Another benefit you can get by sending miner like this is that we force the enemy to deploy new cards to counter ours. While we utilizing our surviving cards, the enemy should deploy and spend more elixir to counter this counter; specially to shut miner.

Miner and balloon

Combining balloon and miner is one of counter combo we would do here. This is not a massive counter but, by doing this we can still have another counter variant. To do this is very simple. After you finish defending then you have miner balloon ready on the list, play them. All you need to do is to wait till elixir reaches 8 bars. Send the balloon 3 tiles from the bridge. Or to make it easier, send it in front princess tower. By doing so, you’ll be able to send miner at the right time. What I mean by that is to set your miner as tanker and free the balloon.

Here I tell you, we don’t play balloon as much as mega knight. However, it depends on enemy’s cards. If enemy plays with pekka, you play balloon more often. Besides pekka, golem or lava beat down will be our problem. Play with miner balloon more often then.


can be miner first then balloon on the bridge

Mega knight and 2 wizards

The ultimate combo in this strategy is this. Also, this is our primary counter that we play so often. But in one condition, do this more often if you don’t face against pekka deck.

We can actually include inferno dragon to join the countering. Inferno will be the last damage dealer that we send after mega knight connect to the tower, wizards deal with defense cards. The inferno will deal its burst damage and sure this can’t be let free. Wizards will execute all swarmy that tries to hold mega knight. Air swarmy such as minion horde or bats won’t be major problem because we have zap included to do this job. 


Nevertheless, this counter cards combo cost you expensive elixir. But we are still capable of doing this. The thing you should understand is to play defensive wizards first. Send both wizards only to defend. Deploy them behind your tower. Notice this, if you are facing massive counter, send 2 wizards. If light, send one wizard only.

That is because you can quickly shut the light counter with 2 wizards. That’s good, but since you are quicker in finishing defense, you won’t have more time for elixir recharge and can’t deploy mega knight. Therefore, if it’s just light counter, you deploy fire wizard.


ice and fire

While wizards are busy defending, you will recharge elixir. Once it reaches 7 bars, deploy mega knight on the bridge. There you have it, mega wizards counter combo.


Mega knight in front wizard (on the bridge)


Talking about defense, you’ll have 2 wizards, inferno dragon, and knight. Knight will be a stopper card. He will be a damage receiver while other defender will deal with incoming troops.

No matter what comes to your lane, deploy knight at the first place. Then, you see what comes, if it is a tanker followed by support, you deploy inferno dragon right behind princess tower to specifically deal with the tanker. Hold the support with the knight and let wizard finish the supports.

It can be said that inferno dragon is a special agent for tanker and building targeting card. So, if you face troops like hog rider, golem, or lava, you should have inferno dragon on defense.



Alright, this article is further concept with mega knight inferno that I wrote 2 days ago. But here, we will have extra combo with balloon miner. That increases your chance of victory. What do you think about this strategy? Let me know your comment and ideas in discussion column below.

Have a great day and see you battlefield!