And hello all of you beautiful people! The wasted uncle is here again, mate! Today we are gonna discuss the best Balloon deck for beginners.


Balloon is one of the dangerous cards in the game and it still one of the most used cards in the higher level. So, to use it in the early phase of Clash Royale will give you so many advantages.

Therefore, that is the main reason as soon as you can get the card then it is best to put it on your deck to maximize its destructive ability. Without wasting time, let’s check out the deck

Balloon Deck for Beginners deck


Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

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As you looking at the deck, Balloon will be our main punisher in the game. This deck is can be categorized as an attacking deck. So, we will aim for finishing the game as soon as possible


Main cards

balloon-building targeting card clash royalewitch-card-clash-royale-kingdommusketeer-card-clash-royale-kingdomgoblin barrel-card-clash-royale-kingdom

These four cards will be the main cards to launch the strategy. Witch and Musketeer are the cards that later would be deployed first.

These two cards are a good combination since they can cover up each other weakness. That’s why they will be effective to deploy first.

On the other hand, Balloon and the Goblin Barrel are the cards that we would try to finish the tower later. The destructive effect of both cards will utilize you to make one of the towers down.


Supportive cards

mini PEKKA-card-Clash-Royale-KingdomBaby-Dragon-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomskeleton army card-clash-royale-armyMinions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

While we know what the main cards to use to punish the enemy, here we also got the supportive cards. They are all important as of course, we would always depend on the situation in a battle.

Mini PEKKA is a tiny destroyer, so he could be involved in attacking or defending to face all the dangerous ground troops like Valkyrie or Musketeer of your enemy.

Baby Dragon and Minions would be the air troops. Minions could tear apart an opposition’s Balloon and distract the enemy’s troops.

Especially for Baby Dragon, he is a very versatile card to use to defend or to attack. So, depending on the enemy’s counter he will be much useful.

As you know about the Skeleton Army would be the one to tear all the heavy cards tank apart. Every player would agree that this card is always useful in a battle.



Early Game

In the early battle, we would try to attack first. But remember to make the elixir full first as the combo later would exhaust your elixir counts.

Witch will be the first card to deploy. Deploy her just behind your king tower to make the elixir charge again.

As soon as the Witch reaches near of the queen tower then release the Musketeer. Both of them will be the main cards to create the pushing and make the enemy’s busy to counter them.

Once they are deployed, they would distract your enemy as they would try to counter them first. And this is exactly the time we would deploy the dangerous Balloon.

Unleash the Balloon once they are distracted right on top of the bridge. This would overwhelm your enemy.

The combination of Witch and Musketeer can cover the air and the ground so it will open the Balloon way to reach the tower right away. Once the Balloon reaches the tower then you know what it can do.

There is a possibility that the Balloon will only create one or two hits to the tower as it’s HP possibly reduced by the counter of the opponents.

And this is the reason we got the Goblin Barrel. The flying Goblins will be the last destruction tool. Just fly them right to the dying tower and boom! A tower down.

Balloon and Goblin Barrel in action

Last Minute – Sudden Death

As mentioned above we would aim for finishing the game as soon as possible by using this deck. So, once you are able to crush down a tower then to do defending would be great.

This deck again is a versatile deck to defend. Mini PEKKA, Baby Dragon is strong cards to defend. Musketeer, of course, can counter the air and the ground and you got the Skeleton Army to protect your tower from all of the dangerous ground tanks. Even the Witch herself can be used and effective card to do the defend.


The Skeletons as a defender to rip the tank apart



This Balloon deck is to do the surprise attack and to finish a tower as quickly as we can. But the versatility of the cards involved is the one to make you able to handle all kinds of your enemy’s counter.

So, what do you guys think? If you guys have something to add then you can discuss it all here mate. Feel free to use the comment section down below to express it all.

It’s the coffee time for me now, see you guys later, cheers!