Best Balloon cycle deck Clash Royale is getting better! Let’s learn how to play cheap cards in Balloon deck without making it weak. This is by far the strongest Balloon deck Clash Royale ever made, with easy gameplay and 3 crowns victory. This is it, insane Balloon cycle deck 3.0 ! 


Hi there, back again with Kingdom team. And today, we will give you the insane balloon cycle deck 3.0 average elixir only! Let’s see the deck matchups first then guide discussion. 

Insane Balloon cycle deck 3.0 


Average elixir cost : 3.0

Play This Deck

Balloon and Rage are our winning conditions in this insane deck. The counter archetype is bridge spam Balloon, and then before it connects to the tower, use rage to quicken Balloon’s movement. 


Valkyrie is the ground melee which we use to defend against ground melee. Remember, you should deploy Valkyrie at first, then help her by deploying cheap cards. 


Wizard is the primary support who stands beneath balloon protecting it from minion horde or any air units. Besides, we can use wizard to defend as well.

If you need to defend and you don’t have valkyrie to receive damage, deploy wizard near the tower. Then, deploy skeletons or ice spirit infront of him to distract or receive the first damage. 

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Minions are also versatile. We can use them to help valkyrie or wizard in defense, otherwise they can support balloon in countering. 

Skeletons-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom-common card

Skeletons and ice spirit are two cheap cards we so to speak. Use them to help balloon, valkyrie, or wizard. They are good for card rotation as well. 


When playing with balloon, you’ll likely to meet with minion horde. Therefore, we need to prepare arrows to prevent air ambush against balloon. 

Attacking and defending

First of all, you can’t go on countering if elixir is bellow 7. If you want a great countering, you need to counter with balloon and rage. So, wait till elixir reaches 7 and you may proceed.  

There are 2 counter archetypes, counter push with balloon after defending and bridge spam balloon. 

How to bridge spam 

If you decide to go on counter push, it is safer, start it from playing wizard in defense. After he finishes, deploy balloon on the bridge. Make sure wizard won’t be the tower target. 

How to counter push after defense 

After reaching enemy’s territory, deploy rage to quicken the bomb dropping. Here, better not deploy anymore card. Go back on defense again. 

When you have above 7 elixir and there are balloon rage ready on the list, deploy balloon on the bridge. Then, deploy the rage. 

You need to know whether or not the opponent has minion horde, if yes prepare arrows too. 


Go with arrows instead of rage

Keep in mind, in defending, you better don’t waste elixir for unnecessary cards. Although we play with insane balloon cycle deck, you can’t be extravagant. 

Let’s say 1 valkyrie can secure the lane, then no need to deploy ice spirit or skeletons.

Valkyrie and wizard are enough 

The same thing happens when you defend with wizard. If he can handle it alone, no need to waste the cheap cards. 


Don’t deploy unnecessary card

Remember, after defending with wizard and you don’t have above 7 elixir, don’t counter push with balloon. We need above 7 elixir to deploy balloon and rage. 


That’s the insane balloon deck 3.0 average elixir. You can play it in bridge spam archetype, or counter push. In both archetypes, don’t deploy balloon before elixir reaches 7.

We need 7 elixir, 5 for balloon, and 2 for rage, always run balloon with rage. 

Good luck my friends!