Hello again my lovely friends! The wasted uncle is back here and today for news the first round of balance change since the Global launch has arrived.  


In this round of balance change live will direct more on the offense over defense direction. So as usual here are the card changes that will happen

X-Bow: Range decreased to 12 (from 13)

This change to make the X-bow to be used more on the counterplay. The reduction of the range will mean you can no longer position it behind a Tesla.

Tesla: Hit speed decreased to 0.8sec (from 0.7sec), lifetime decreased to 40sec (from 60sec)

The Tesla’s use rates and win rates don’t show it as being overpowered; however, another of core design principles is that all cards should have weaknesses and counters, whereas the Tesla doesn’t clearly have any. A lower hit speed will reduce its DPS versus bigger targets significantly, and also make it more vulnerable to groups of troops.

Cannon: Lifetime decreased to 30sec (from 40sec)

This change will lower the Cannon staying power.

Princess: Hitpoints decreased by 10%

When playing in the Tournament Rule card levels, the Arrows should be able to take out the Princess for the Elixir trade. The hitpoints that are decreased is to ensure that is the case. This is also made by the high use of the card in the arena.

Ice Wizard: Damage increased by 5%

The card’s main strength is control, the extra damage is to increase his value and make him more threatening.

Prince: Charge speed decreased by 13%

The Prince is currently the most used card in the game makes him very popular choice in the game. His ability to take down a tower still scary so the speed that being slowed down make him is easier to counter.

Dark Prince: Charge speed decreased by 13%

The same as his brother above, though

Valkyrie: Hitpoints and damage increased by 10%

It’s ironic that the Valkyrie’s use rated in the game are quite low, so all of the increasing is to make her fame arise mate.

Royal Giant: Damage increased by 20%

The Royal Giant’s use rates and win rates are very low, showing that he is clearly underpowered. Here the game wanted to give him significantly more damage, instead of boosting his hitpoints, so he could fulfill his dreams of becoming a wrecking ball.

Giant: Damage increased by 5%

This will make his offense more terrifying without making him any more effective on defense.

Rage: Gives 40% movement and attack speed boost (from 35%), duration decreased by 20%

By looking at all its abilities, Rage should be exciting to use but it hasn’t made many places on your decks. So, these changes are to do so

Poison: Damage increased by 5%

The same as the Rage this change is to make more places on your deck compare to the popular Fireball

Mirror: Legendary Cards mirrored 1 level lower

It is a shame that the Legendary card that is mirrored will be reduced 1 level lower.

Three Musketeers: Cost decreased to 9 (from 10)

For their very low use rate, the 9 elixir will make them better value and less risky.

Archers: Quicker initial attack (like Spear Goblins)

The Archers’ use rate falls off after the early game, while the Spear Goblins remain popular across all levels. The game is making their initial attack quicker, so they’ll feel more responsive and effective.

Balloon: Hitpoints increased by 5%

The Balloon has low use rates at the top, and many enemies (buildings!). More hitpoints should help it get to those towers!

Witch: Damage increased by 5%

The Witch has very low use rates at the top. She needs a bit more damage to become relevant again.

There you go, go check the changes as soon as possible. Put your comments everything about the re-balancing changes down below 

Me signing out for now, Cheers!