Hey yow! Clash Royale Kingdom crew back here. With me, the uncle here, so hot anyway here down in my place and all in my mind is swimming. Who likes to swim? Well, I do. Really need a pool right now. Orange juice would do me good also anyway.


Alright, don’t think about swimming, back to the news we got regular balance changes update for today. And as usual certain cards will be re-balanced and maybe some of your favourite. So here to check for some details.

For this time the balance change live is focusing more on the Goison. Goison? Yea I found this funny since it’s a combined name of Giant and Poison. The other is the significant change to the Elixir Collector and there are more.

Giant: Hitpoints decreased by 5%

The latest re-balancing of the Giant did not make a significant power decreasing so for this time the game decided to pull his power more for conjunction with his combo with Poison. This makes the Giant and Poison Combo is weaker than before.  

Poison: No longer slows movement and attack speed

This newest change will make Poison’s functionality clearer and reduce its ability to control an area for 10 seconds.

Elixir Collector: Elixir cost increased to 6 (from 5), Elixir gain increased to 8 (from 7), Lifetime increased by 10sec

As one of the most useable card in the game, the game adds 1 elixir cost and make it a bigger risk to use. A not so good news for you who put the Elixir Collector as your favorite card.

The Log: Rolls faster and further, Damage increased by 8%

The new re-balancing will make The Log is easier to play and makes it easier to have a place in your decks too.

Skeleton Army: Elixir cost decreased to 3 (from 4), Skeleton count decreased to 16 (from 21), Skeleton level increased by 5

This one should be exciting. The Skeleton army will be re-balanced and make them cheaper but stronger. The Elixir cost that decreased from 4 into 3 will make a major impact. For you who use them as your fav card, this should be good news.

Ice Golem: Death Damage also damages flying troops

The has been fixed by the game.

Golem: Death Damage also damages flying troops

As his cool brother, the change would be the same with Golem.

That’s all about the change, make sure to check them all on the battlefield. Place all of your opinions on the balance changes in the comment section below.

Alright, time to go the pool, Ciao!