Hi, champs! The kingdoms here, you are with me the wasted uncle and today the regular balance changes are on the table now. Now you can check the new features here


Royal Giant: Deploy Time to 2sec (from 1sec)

by tweaking his deploy time, it gives the defender more time to respond to the Royal Giants placed on the bridge or on your side of the arena when a tower is destroyed.

Elite Barbarians: Hitpoints 4%, initial attack comes 0.1sec slower

The change here can make Elite Barbarians a little easier to face. They still can be a threat and still can beat the big dudes on defense before going into a counter, but they won’t be quite as punishing

Furnace: Hitpoints 5%

Furnace makes a really good boost for your attack, but its new high hitpoints now make it a little too strong for the defense.

Goblin Hut: Hitpoints +5%

The change here can make Goblin Hut and Furnace combination interesting on your deck

Electro Wizard: Hit Speed to 1.8sec (from 1.7sec)

Electro can make too much damage and control for ranged support troop. This change can tone him down in both areas

Executioner: Damage +6%

This makes the Executioner return to his former glory and makes him a great counter card to Lava Hound based decks.

Balloon: Death Damage delay to 3sec (from 1sec)

The change adds more Death Damage delay to make it in counterplay

Skeleton Army: Skeleton count decreased to 14 (from 15)

This is to maintain the delicate balance of Skeletal equilibrium” in the arena

Lumberjack: Hitpoints +4%

The new hitpoints makes him stronger, faster and being more effective in the Rage effect

We’d also like to hear your thought on these new updates,

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