Hey yo! kingdom’s crew back here. How was your day? Is everything alright? I hope so. If it is not alright then I think you should listen to Bob Marley more.


Back to the game, the regular balance changes have arrived and we think it’s important for us to share it with to keep you guys all relevant in the battle. So here it is:

In this round of balance, change is toning the Executioner and boosting a few underused cards like Witch, Dark Prince, Baby Dragon and more!

Executioner: Damage 6%, Range to 4.5 (from 5), axe hit radius 10%

The bugs happened before has been fixed. However, Reducing his damage, range and the amount of stuff his axe can hit at once should rein him in.

Poison: Duration to 8sec (from 10sec), Damage per second +24%

After this change Poison will be more reliable at getting its damage down. It’ll deal more damage with each tick, but roughly the same damage over the duration. The changes now make it much better against Skeleton Army and Graveyard and a viable alternative to Fireball.

Witch: Damage +6%

Her use rate is really low in the later Arenas and high-win Challenges, but it’s quite good elsewhere. The changes here gives her a boost without overpowering her. This change will allow her to one-shot equally levelled Skeletons.

P.E.K.K.A: Deploy Time to 1sec (from 3sec)

Make P.E.K.K.A more usable and a bit faster on the battlefield, without breaking her identity as a big, burly robot.

Dark Prince: Hitpoints +5%

Some say that his ability is not enough for a card that cost 4 elixir. Here the change by increasing his Hitpoint more makes him allow to charge around the Arena with a bit more success!

Baby Dragon: Range to 3.5 (from 3)

Baby Dragon is a fun and iconic card that doesn’t see a lot of play. A bit more range should make it more appealing.

Skeletons: Skeleton Count to 4 (from 3)

Since Ice Spirit joined the Arena, the 1 Elixir slot has become more competitive, so the change brings back the 4th Skeleton! This change put more about +33% calcium. It will give Skeletons a lot more value as a distraction tool. 

Skeleton Army: Skeleton Count to 15 (from 16)

A critical change to maintain the delicate balance of Skeletal equilibrium” within the Arena.

The regular balance changes would effects your troops, maybe your fav one. So if you feel it will give you more advantages or not in the battle, we’d like to hear any of your opinions down below in the comment section

Cheers! (Three Little Birds playing in the background)