Hey ho! Back again here. Newest news is up here. Yup, the new regular balance change update has arrived. Y
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In this new balance changes, it will take you to look more into Elite Barbarians, tuning in some of the highest value defensive options and more

Elite Barbarians: Hitpoints 4%, Damage 4%, Hit Speed to 1.5sec (from 1.4sec)

These three changes are not making so much big impact, but the combined effect should be noticeable and make Elite Barbarians more manageable.

Zap: Damage 6%

Zap has been one of the most used cards in the game for a long time. This change will stop it from one-shotting equally leveled Goblins which includes Goblin Barrel Goblins and should make other spells, such as Arrows, interesting alternatives.

Electro Wizard: Hitpoints +9%, Spawn Damage 6%

The big news here is that Fireball will no longer take out an equivalently leveled Electro Wizard! This spawn damage reduction is to make it tune in with the Zap change above.

Mega Minion: Damage 4%, Hit Speed to 1.5sec (from 1.4sec)

Mega Minion is a highly used and very valuable defensive option in need of toning down. Pulling the power from its damage, instead of hitpoints, felt like a better approach and more fitting with his armored theme he’s still a Minion, but a tanky one!

Archers: Hitpoints 4%

This new change making to pull a little bit of power from them, but also has goal to keep their interactions with Elite Barbarians and Mega Minion the same after the above two changes.

The Log: Damage 4%, knockback effect reduced

Reducing The Log’s knockback effect won’t change its uniqueness it’ll still be the only card that can knock back ALL troops. The change here is to lower how much control and displacement it brings to the battlefield. The slight damage reduction will keep its interaction with Archers the same.

Ice Golem: Hitpoints 5%, Death Damage radius and slow duration reduced

Ice Golem is a great card for defensive option and it offers too much control and value for 2 Elixir. The reduction will make it more controllable

Ice Spirit: Damage 10%

Currently, a lone Ice Spirit can bring an entire horde of Minions to within one hit each from a Crown Tower! That’s a bit too much of a positive Elixir trade for our tastes.

Wizard: Range +0.5

The Wizard’s usage rate is relatively low overall. A bit more range should make him a more compelling choice when stacked up against the other ranged support options.

That’s the official change we got from the supercell, make sure you guys check them out

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