Balance Change Live! (9 February). Man, I need some ice now. It’s really hot here, I just can’t stand it. For the last 30 minutes, I’m thinking of go swimming maybe right now. But yea nevermind, thanks for hearing my cringe story anyway. Okay back to the game, the Balance Change has been released today. 


Here in Balance Change there will certain changes happen to the cards. They are will be rebalanced to be in line with the ongoing game. so here are the changes that you should take a look at

Mini P.E.K.K.A: Hitpoints increased by 3%

The change should make the Mini P.E.K.K.A bit stronger and fight his place in one of your decks

Valkyrie: Attack speed increased to 1.5 seconds (from 1.6 seconds)

Valkyrie feels a bit clunky and needs some love. (oh I love those words)

Giant: Hitpoints increased by 5%

Giant is underused in the late game due to a couple of more enticing tank options (Golem and P.E.K.K.A). More hitpoints should make him a solid option again.

Tombstone: Spawns 4 Skeletons when destroyed (from 6 Skeletons)

Tombstone is the most popular card among top players. You get too much defensive value for 3 Elixir.

Mortar: Lifetime increased to 30 seconds (from 20 seconds)

The Mortar’s power a bit off when it was re-working last time. Adding 10 seconds to its lifetime should improve that.

Bomb Tower: Attack speed increased to 1.6 seconds (from 1.7 seconds)

Bomb Tower is still one of the least used cards in the game give him a chance!

Musketeer: Damage decreased by 25% and Elixir cost reduced to 4 (from 5 Elixir)

Musketeer has played second fiddle to the Wizard for too long! Lower damage and cost should make her quite different and a more flexible choice.

Tesla: Damage increased by 7%

The same as the Bomb Tower, Tesla is also one of the least used cards in the game. A little damage boost should bring it back into contention. Man, give it a chance!

X-Bow: Deployment time increased to 5 seconds (from 3 seconds)

X-Bow can be a very challenging card to deal with among low-mid level players. A longer deploy time should make it less frustrating to face. For you who love it too much, hold yourself.

Zap: Damage increased by 6%

Zap hasn’t seen much use. A bit more damage will hopefully make it a more suitable choice on your decks.

Some of the changes will make an impact whether it is big or small, so go check them out.

Place all of your opinion and thoughts of these changes down below in the comment section

Okay, your favorite uncle out here, love you all my lovely kids