Hello my friend all over the world, back to your favorite wasted uncle here and as always, I am here to give you the newest news in Clash Royale world.


For today following the newest update that has been released, the newest balance change live has also arrived to rebalance certain cards in the game.

This round of change is special because it is preparing the Global Launch of the game. So, here are the change that you must check right away

Zap: Now stuns target for 1 second, damage reduced by 6%

Zap has lacked a purpose of its own that differentiated it from Arrows or the other damage spells. Giving it a brief stun effect should make it quite an interesting choice!

Giant Skeleton: Hitpoints increased by 11%, bomb timer increased to 3 seconds (from 1 second)

Giant Skeleton can be the ultimate nullifier, as he’s primarily used on defense to stop a push in its tracks. Adding a couple of seconds to his death bomb’s fuse will make positioning your defending troops to escape the blast radius a possibility now

Tesla: Hitpoints decreased by 5%

The hitpoints that decreased will make the Tesla more in line with the offense over defense” philosophy. Currently, it offers too much defensive value for spending 4 of your elixir.

Rage: Effect falls off quicker when troops leave the Rage area

Rage will last for 2 seconds on a troop after it leaves Rage’s area of effect. Previously Rage stuck’ to troops until the area of effect was gone, which feels a little bit weird.

Combat Mechanics: Troops will be harder to distract

With this change the Troops won’t be pulled from their lane as easily by buildings; buildings will need to be positioned a bit closer. Also, the Troops won’t target and move towards units that attack them from the range.

Card Donation: Rare Cards give 10 experience (from 5 experience)

With this change, the Rare Cards should give more experience for the value of the card you are giving away.

And that is all for today’s edition of balance change. Make sure you check them. Ops and don’t forget to put your comments and opinion on the changes in the comment section down below

Cheers for now!