Balance Change Live! (19 February). We are entering the middle of February right now and how was the month so far? You enjoyed it? Cause I do. The new year still got me mate. Okay with me again the wasted uncle and today the new balance changes live have arrived. So certain changes will happen and here are things you must check


The game this time tries to make a few changes to try and reel in the trend of defensive decks based around buildings and direct damage to towers.

Spells (Fireball, Arrows, Rocket, Zap, Lightning, Goblin Barrel impact): Damage to Crown Towers reduced by 20%

Thiis is the first and most important step towards the offense over defense” philosophy.

Tombstone: Lifetime decreased to 40 seconds (from 60 seconds)

Second offense over defense” change; additionally, the Skeleton boost below will help maintain the Tombstone’s balance.

Inferno Tower: Hitpoints decreased by 6% and lifetime decreased to 40 seconds (from 45 seconds)

Third offense over defense” change; Inferno Tower is the strongest defensive building in the game and provides too much versatility and value for 5 Elixir.

Musketeer: Damage increased by 11%

The last rebalancing pulls a bit too much power from her. So, this time she will get her power back.

Golem & Golemite: Hitpoints decreased by 5%

The use rate and win rate shows that he is just too strong for now. So, he will be a little bit weaker, what a shame.

Skeletons (affects Tombstone, Skeleton Army, Witch, Skeletons): Hitpoints and damage increased by 11%

Apart from the Tombstone, all of these cards are underused at the top. So, the game wants to see more bones in TV Royale.

Witch: Damage increased by 3%

Her usage is very low among top players. More damage and the Skeleton boost should make her a viable option for your decks again.

That’s all for today’s balance change live, make sure you put your comments in the comments section below

Out for a while, cheers!