The latest balance change has arrived! Okay mate, good morning. How you doing? I hope everything’s alright for sure mate. Back with me the wasted uncle and as always, I got the newest update about our lovely game.


Today the regular balance changes live have arrived and certain cards have been rebalanced. Some of them maybe your favourite cards.

On today’s balance changes edition will focus more on the Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel, Knight and a sneak peek of what? A new card! we finally know its name, The Magic Archer!

So here are the changes that you guys should notice first

Mega Knight: Spawn and Jump Damage -25%; Deployment radius reduced (deployment won’t hit beyond bridge and river)

The Mega Knight got nerfed quite heavy! His damage and radius damage now reduced. Quite a shame for your favourite smasher.

Skeleton Barrel: Skeleton count 8 → 6

Now they are less dangerous I think. But still, 6 is a great amount.

Knight: Hitpoints -6%

Our favourite cheap tanker also got a little nerfed!

Inferno Dragon: Switches between targets slower

I think he will be easier distracted by the Skeleton Army now for sure.   

Valkyrie: Hit Speed 1.5sec → 1.4sec

Now she’s slightly quicker to do the ballet.

Bandit: Minimum Dash Range 4 → 3.5

Our favourite dashing lady got buffed for slightly quicker to start dashing now.

Dark Prince: Hit Speed 1.4sec → 1.3sec; Hitpoints +5%

And the Dark Prince also got buffed. He is stronger in defending himself now.

Magic Archer: Preparing for the Arena…

And here is the new card! We don’t know yet what he can do. One thing for sure is he has an arrow in his hand. As he is a legendary card then I bet he is a unique new character.

The balance change and update will be applied later today, so stay tuned for the “maintenance break” notification mate.

Okay, I think that’s all from me today, have a blissful day!