Awesome Giant and balloon. Hola! Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy. So many players say that having the legendary cards in the deck can bring the good fortune; easier to win the battle.

No more legendary

Well, are they true?? What do you think about having the legendary cards will bring you victory? I would say no because no matter how many legendary cards you bring in the deck, the battle still depends on the skill. I’m not being arrogant here; I just told you the truth.

Chill guys, think like this; if you bring the legendary cards with low level it will impact nothing and even you’ll lose the game. So the level matters if you wanna play with legendary cards. Here, I have galloon deck; giant balloon deck and without any legendary cards in it. I’ve played so many times with this deck and this truly works.

Deck matchups

Average elixir cost : 3.1


Play This Deck

About the spells (choose 2)


The first on the list we have fireball. Don’t know why this should be the fireball, perhaps it’s because I like fireball so much.

Play fireball to kill all blocking troops which can be the trouble for my balloon.

Deploy the fireball when the enemy’s troops are near the tower so that I can get hit on the tower as well.

Also, use the fireball to diminish flying troops like minion or minion horde which are common cards used to counter balloon and giant.

I will regret it if I don’t bring fireball while the enemy’s tower is very low HP.

Therefore, I always bring spell cards; fireball in this deck to finish what I’ve started. 


Since fireball is optional, you can replace it with rage. Rage is so good in supporting the giant and balloon.

Especially with the balloon, rage will fasten the bomb drop which normally takes a long time.


If we play with 2 tanky troops on the deck, we better enclose zap.

Why? It’s because zap can retarget the enemy while we don’t want the tower to hit our balloon and by zapping the tower, it will restart and target the giant.

Same thing happens with building cards.

If you have your giant in front of the balloons and the enemy deploys the building card for distraction maybe, you can play your zap once your giant’s HP gets reduced.

When the building restart, it won’t make serious problem to our balloon.

Guys, for those who want to master the battle you better know how to play zap and play retarget method.

Fasten the moving bomb

Zap the swarmy for giant

Support Section


Despite its cheap elixir cost, it also can be good companions for balloon and giant; it attacks from the air.

If there are enemy’s horde or another flying thing which block my bats, giant, and balloon I will fireball them all.

With only one bats flying behind the tank, that will be annoying.


Skeletons are getting more popular among the players because it’s very effective to defend.

Having skeletons in the deck will fasten the card rotation in case you really need a card which is not on the list.

Then, you can just throw away the skeletons; you really have nothing to lose.

Of course, you know how to play defensive skeletons, we kite the enemy.

If you still don’t know what kite defending is, check our other articles about the kite discussion.

And if you wanna know the skeletons madness you can find it on All Skeletons Deck – Does it Work?


Although it’s cheap, we need archers for both defense and offense.

Put the archers behind the giant and under the balloons.

You better hope that the enemy won’t launch area troops on us.

If the enemy launch single target troops, the archers in the invisible place will hit the troops.

Archers can be good for defense as well. Covered by the knight, archers will try their best to defend our tower.


The last on our list is another tiny tank for defense.

In this deck, we have two kind of tank which has the different role.

Giant meant to be the tank for the balloon in attacking, while the knight meant to be the tank for archers in defending.

never let the tanker walk alone

bats to counter building targeting

Pro Tips

Keep in mind, your countering cards are only giant, balloons, and fireball

When attacking, you should always put the giant in front of the balloon. 

Don’t set the knight and archers to counter; it won’t work. 

Be smart at playing the zap. The zap can make one of your countering cards survive. 

Better focus on dropping the bomb rather than hitting with the rocky giant because the bomb has higher hit damage.

So, you play the zap if the enemy hit the balloon, not the giant.


There you have it guys, it’s a common deck actually, but here I want to emphasize that we don’t really need the legendary card to win the game.

The game is on how’s the strategy, and there you have it; I gave you the strategy along with the deck.

You can win the game and be GGWP if you follow my instruction above. 

If you guys have any stronger deck combination or maybe you want me to review something, let me know in the comment below. 

Simple doesn’t always mean ordinary if simplicity has extraordinarily everything you need. Keep on and enjoy!