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Back with me the wasted uncle and we will continue our Clash Royale Kingdom’s series. Yap, the Kingdom’s file  

Here in the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion or tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

And for today, we will discuss the card that I think you guys maybe have known much about. I think it is one of the most popular and favourite in the game. The card is called: Arrows



The arrows is one of the first cards that you can get as soon as you enter to play Clash Royale. The arrows is categorized as spell card. It can be unlocked even in the training camp.

It is the card that I am sure everyone has. That is why it is a popular card.

Arrows is also categorized as common card but maybe you all have known how useful this card in the battle, even if you are in the higher levels.

This card is one of the unique in the game. Just like what its name, the main ability of the card to point out its target and launch the arrows and of course creating the damage to the enemy.


The appearance of the card is more likely the same as the arrows that you often see. The card itself will cost 3 of your elixirs.


Unleash the Arrow

Like what mentioned above, the main ability of the arrows is unleashing the arrow to hit all of the enemy’s in front.

As a ranged spell, arrows is one of the most used cards in the game to use to attack the enemy from far away since the arrows can achieve every single angle in the arena.

The most effective way to use the card is, of course, like I think almost every player knows is to dismiss all of the low hitpoints troops in the battlefield.

The arrows is the perfect counter to all of the cards like the skeletons including the skeleton army if they are marching on to your troops.


Clean the Skeletons

This is effective to counter the enemy that wants to dismiss your tank card in the battle. Your enemy usually will use the skeletons army to counter your tank then as soon as they deploy the skelly, you can unleash the arrows to dismiss the skelly and make your tank clear their way to destroy everything in front of them or reaching your enemy’s tower.

The same goes with using the Hog Rider to attack your enemy’s tower, you can use the arrows to wash the skeleton army that would try to stop your Hog Rider.

Not only the skeletons, the arrows could also take down the minions. All kind of common minions, I am not mentioning the Mega Minion anyway.

The same like the skelly, the minions will be easily killed by the arrows if your enemy deciding in using them.


The minions will be easily dismissed by the arrows

The goblins are an easy opponent for the arrow as they would die right away if they are hit by the arrows. This makes the card once again is the perfect counter to the goblin barrel.


Perfect counter to the Goblin Barrel

One of the side impacts that the card could offer you is the card can be used to finish off a building or even the tower when they are dying. Since arrows is the range attack spell than it is easy for you to point out the buildings/towers that are dying and kill them right away.

But remember only for the dying building as it is not giving you a huge damage effect if you use it on a healthy building/towers.

It could help you win the last-minute battle to give the last hit on the towers and demolish them.


Quick way to crush a tower

In using the arrow anyway, it is very important for you to care about the timing you will point the arrow as there is a split-second delay when deploying the arrow.

Of course, you also have to be aware of the area/circle where the arrow finally landed later.



As one of the most familiar cards in the game, I guess you all guys have known much about this card in details. The fact that the card is still relevant up to the higher level makes it clear that the card is a very good addition to every players’ deck.

That is my opinion though, you can add yours or add better tips and tricks to use the card.

Feel free to use the comment section below if you have something in your mind, mate. I always think that you are the better player and know much than me. That is why it would be lovely to hear some of yours.

I think that is all from me for today’s discussion, will see you next time. Have a blissful day, pals