Holla! TGIF, a very beautiful sunny day out there everyone. I’m a little bit hungry this morning but still I’m so excited to write you another special deck matchups and strategies. You are here with me again JohnnyBoy and in this Friday, I have a very special army combination and siege building. This combo will totally siege the enemy and the army will completely guard the mortar siege building. Yes, this is considerably mortar deck, but the use of army is more dominant than mortar itself.

We will have skeleton army and minion horde as the primary support cards. Of course, the primary focus here is on the mortar. Besides, we will have spear goblins and musketeer as well in defending.

I already wrote some articles talking about mortar deck and specific strategies to succeed the mortar. But none of them combining the mortar and the army. This might seems so vulnerable for you guys because we have armies as primary support. However, this is the tricky part. As I told you earlier that we will play the army, especially the minion horde more dominant than the mortar itself. So, in countering we will play double sided countering. On one lane, the both army will try to compromise the enemy’s tower. On the other lane, we will have mortar which will keep on shooting the tower.

This double-sided countering will probably exhaust the enemy so badly because we have minion horde free flying on one side. The enemy won’t let this horde flying around without any counter back. We well match the horde with skeleton army. Alright, this is getting more and more interesting I guess. Before we go deeper, let’s see what we have in the deck matchups

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.3

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have rage spell and you must know when to use it. Before we talk about the spells, let’s talk about the army combo first.

So, in countering we will combine the army and horde in one lane. You should notice this, we don’t deploy them at the very close second. So, the first thing you should do is to deploy the army first on the bridge. Wait till 2 seconds and let see what enemy has to counter this.


army first then horde after 2 secs

Folks, playing with the army and minion horde in countering requires us to play bravely, I mean we are ready to accept one arrow death or any other spells on the minion horde.

So, after you deploy both army on one lane, rotate the card till you have skeleton army and mortar ready on the list. Once you have both cards, build the mortar first one tiles before the bridge. Immediately send the skeleton army. Here we are kinda playing spell bait because if the enemy zap or arrows the skeleton army, we can send the minion horde on next launching without fear of one arrows death.


mortar and the army

How to counter?

The strategy counter is pretty simple tho, we just need to play the army and horde in one lane, and mortar on opposite lane. We have the knight and musketeer which can protect the mortar whenever the army and horde are on duty in opposite lane.

Double-sided countering like this brings hard intimidation for enemy because they should split their defense. They really need to stop the horde because we rage on the horde army. Meanwhile, they also need to stop the shooting mortar because this will continuously reduce tower HP.

Also remember this, you can deploy the rage on horde or army once they connect to the tower. If they are not yet connected to the tower, better keep your rage.


double-sided countering ARMY SIEGE

How to defend?

Folks, we have army and minion horde as primary defensive cards in defending. Musketeer and knight too. So, we have a strong defense here. In defending against incoming troops, we need to deploy the skeleton army first as spell bait. Once enemy deploys their spell cards, send the minion horde to finish off the troops. Before sending the minion horde, we can deploy the spear goblins first to make sure that there are no more spells of the enemy.

Here is what you should notice, count the enemy’s elixir and card rotation. For example, if the enemy deploys single targeting troops like inferno dragon, PEKKA, prince, etc, we should know how much the cards cost. Then, notice the card rotation. Means, you should see whether the enemy already deploy spells card or not. If they already deploy the spells card to execute the skeleton army, then they send the inferno dragon let’s say. They won’t have any more elixir to deploy another spells or mirror spells to execute the horde. Playing with minion horde requires you to have a smart counting like this. Horde is expensive and if we deploy it plainly without knowing the risk, it will be elixir wasting. Ask me if you don’t get it okay.


they already deployed arrow for skeleton army, it’s horde time!


Alright everyone, now we have another strategy with army and horde combined with the mortar. This strategy is so called Double-sided countering and sure this one brings hard intimidation for the enemy. It’s time to play the mortar with another strategy and go get the crowns.

Well, what do you think about this deck and strategy? Please leave your comments or ideas in comment section below. See you again soon in another useful article.

Have fun!