Hi, everyone! Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy. Good news for all of us! Today I will give you a secret of the almighty prince. Sounds great huh? Alright, let’s check this out. . .


All we know that prince is an epic troop which has a significant amount of damage, high HP, and most importantly, he is very fast.

Some of the players still don’t use his attack speed, and people might only use prince for regular countering without utilizing his speed movement.

In either regular match or 2v2, the use of prince might be more advantageous.

We should know when to deploy him, in what situation we should put him on the lane.

When to send Prince?

The question when” to deploy prince is the right question if we have the prince on our deck.

The perfect timing to deploy him is when we are busy defending and countering at one side of the lane.

Nah, deploy prince at another lane.

For example, if we are at war on the right side, we can immediately put prince on the front left side.

Therefore, he can reach the enemy tower faster and beat the enemy tower at enemy’s negligence.

It will be even more efficient if we can wait until the enemy deploys their high-cost Elixir troops on the right side.

Keep the prince to be used at the moment enemy launches their high-cost Elixir troops.

So, we can make sure that prince goes on attacking without any obstacles.

If you are patient enough to keep prince, he will be the only one who silently destroy one of the enemy’s tower.

Send prince after defending

Prince rides on a clear path

Now, how you can distract the enemy so they cannot attack your prince?

It’s simple, prepare the spell cards such as arrows (highly recommended)

The Prince’s play steps

– When your enemy doesn’t know that you will deploy prince at another lane, they will focus on attacking one side only.

– Nah . . . You want to keep them busy by giving them the battle by defending your lane,

– The enemy will do their best to beat you in the fight.

– Yet, the real battle isn’t about winning the fight at the moment you give your opponent the resistance.

– The real one is getting your prince to do his job; he attacks from another side while you and your enemy are busy fighting at one side.

– When this happens, your prince is the one that can truly shock your enemy.

– By his movement speed, attack speed, and high damage, he will destroy the enemy’s tower instantly without any interruption.

– It might be better if you have more than one spell card available when you go attacking.

– Put them together into a killing combo and boom! … one enemy’s tower is destroyed.

– The best spell cards you can use are arrows, the log, and poison.

Those spells used to counter swarmy which are the common cards use to counter prince

Solo prince on the opposite lane


Now you may lead the game by destroying one of the enemy’s tower first.

If possible, you should do this formula before the enemy kills your tower first.

So, you still have three towers alive and you don’t have to be so busy defending.

You can do this formula for times, get your enemy busy, use the moment, and the prince is a deadly weapon.

Remember, this formula only works when your enemy doesn’t have any building in the middle.

And after the enemy launch their high-cost Elixir troops.

If you know the path at another lane is clear, deploy prince

Now you know the secret formula of him. He is almighty as its name.

Alright my dearest readers, please feel free to leave your comment. And if you want me to review any deck combination, don’t hesitate. See you again soon and have a fabulous day!