Hello, again pals all over the world! You have to always bring that new year spirit, mate. Okay, today is the day we will reveal all-around Giant Skeleton deck! We would take a look at how this deck is just so versatile and all-around.


Giant Skeleton is one of the strongest tanks in the game. Not only for his tanky ability but also the damage of his punch and of course don’t forget about the bomb that he carries on his back. So yeah let’s take a look at the deck.

All-around Giant Skeleton Deck


Average Elixir Cost: 4.1

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So, like what’s you see above, Giant Skeleton will be our main tank card. The combination further itself will be defined as the attacking cards and as the defending cards to make this deck synergies in attacking and defending.

The Attacking Cards


Those four cards will be our main attacking cards to create pushing to the enemy’s territory. And the first one that we will deploy is, of course, the mighty Giant Skeleton.


You would deploy Giant Skeleton first. Deploy him just behind your king tower to make the elixir recharge since he is a costly card.

He will have a role as the main tank card to absorb all your enemies attack later on and, of course protecting the damage dealer behind him.


The Musketeer here will be one of the main damage dealers later to the enemy. Once the Giant Skeleton just arrives in front of your queen tower, then deploy the Musketeer to place her right behind the Giant Skeleton.

She will be the one who will hide behind the Giant Skeleton to create the damage. But not only her, she will have a company behind. He is called the Baby Dragon.


Baby Dragon will be the one to accompany the two cards before. He will be a strong card to create the pushing with those two before.

Deploy him right when the Giant Skelton and Musketeer reach the bridge and summon him also right on top of the two cards.

His splash damage would be the one to prevent Giant Skeleton from all the swam army like Skeleton Army while also deal all the obstacles in the air.

His damage effect to the ground, of course, would be helping much. The combination of damage dealer with the Musketeer certainly will put your enemy busy thinking.

Of course, the enemy will do their defence and start countering, but this first combo will certainly at least, creating such big damage to one of your enemy’s tower.

You would see the great ability of the Giant Skeleton to tank the dragon and the girl while also punching the enemy’s troop and of course leaving the bomb he carries, to create the last time death damage. Once he died, then Musketeer or Baby Dragon would do the rest.

The Giant Skeleton tanks the damage dealers behind


We don’t stop at that. This deck not only would depend on the Giant Skeleton. We got Prince and Valkyrie over here.


You got the girl and a handsome prince on the deck. Once the Giant Skeleton combo above has many obstacles (well, it depends on the enemy’s defence of course), then you can use this next combo to create the other alternative.

This combo also could create a great pushing. You can deploy Valkyrie first before deploying Prince just after her. This would again to prevent Prince distracted by the swarm army that again would likely deploy by your enemy.

Valkyrie’s 360-degree area damage would clear them all while also can tank the Prince. Prince then would be the main damage dealer to reach the tower and start crushing it.

This is not mentioning that all the cards from the first combo could help them. Baby Dragon would be great to support and creating the damage from the air.


The girl, the man, the dragon and a tower down


The Defending Cards

fireball-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdombomber-card-clash-royale-kingdomskeleton army card-clash-royale-army

Since this deck would offer you a great pushing and attacking abilities, you just can’t forget the defence. You got the other cards on the deck that would help you to that and defend your tower.


The Bomber then would be a good one. His ability to create damage by throwing the bombs would be great. The bomb that he has will help you to defend your tower by washing all the cheap cards that would be possible to reach your territory.

Not only that, he could be used to distract the dangerous enemy’s troops to attack him first. You have to remember to deploy him in a range from the enemy since he will only work by throwing bomb from range.


We also got the Fireball here. Here fireball will be the one to punish the enemy’s pushing. When your enemy is creating pushing and for example is in a certain area, then to fire them with Fireball would be great to demolish them or at least stop their steps for whiles.

Not only for that, once a tower of your opponent is dying then to finish it with Fireball would help you win that tower.


Fireball stops the steps of your enemy


skeleton army card-clash-royale-army

Skeleton Army here would be the one to counter the heavy tank that most likely uses by your enemy. They would be the one to surround the dangerous cards like Giant or Prince to stop their pushing and tear them apart in seconds.

Skeleton Army is a quite versatile card. To use them in defending would be great, but also to use them to finish a tower once they have a chance also would be devastating since then again, they would tear it apart quickly.


All of the cards in the deck would not be always restricted to do just attacking or defending. It would always be depending on the situation on the battlefield.

You can use cards like Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, Musketeer or the other cards on the deck to defend your tower.

So, what do you guys think? If you have some suggestion to add, then feel free to add it all here. It would be nice to hear all of your opinions.

I think that’s all from me for now, see you guys later, have a nice day!