You need an alternative and fun Balloon deck? Then here it is the Air Armies Balloon Deck! Yes, we would use an air army of Minions and Dragons to do the job.


This deck is an alternative deck but you can’t take it for granted as this deck has a great possibility to crush down a tower of the enemy.

What should we do now? Let’s just check out the deck

Air Armies Balloon Deck:

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9


Play This Deck

The list above contains quite a lot of air-based armies like Minion and Dragon family. But they are all dangerous cards. So, you can’t underestimate these alternative options.


dart_goblin-card-clash-royale-kingdomskeleton army card-clash-royale-armyfireball-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Dart Goblin is a fast shooter. He would be so much effective in this deck. We would need his blowing to support the air push later on.

Skeleton Army would be used as our defensive mechanism. They would be the one to deal with all the enemy’s ground-heavy cards.

We also bring the Fireball onto the deck. It is the end card. To finish a dying tower or just to smash the distracting enemy’s troops. This spell is the thing you need.


The Minion family. Both of these cards would be the cards to help the Balloon fly to the targeted tower of our enemy.

Mega Minion would be the one to tank the Balloon while Minion Horde will be the more versatile card to use according to the situation in the game.

Inferno-Dragon-Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomBaby-Dragon-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomballoon-building targeting card clash royale

Inferno Dragon is the legendary card we bring to the deck. We would use him if there is a chance for him to be deployed.

Baby Dragon, in my opinion, is more effective to use in this deck rather than the Inferno Dragon. This is because he is more versatile to face anyone and easier to retarget the enemy rather than his brother.

Then our main damage dealer! As you know, Balloon is one of the cards that create most damages in the game. But here we would aim to protect it to have a clear way to the targeted tower.


Early Game

In the early game, we would try to create a little push using our air troops. You can deploy Mega Minion first behind your princess tower.

He is a great air tanker. Beside him, you can duet him with the Baby Dragon. Baby Dragon would be a great card to create just tiny damages on the enemy’s tower.

A little support from the Dart Goblin’s blowing would be effective just to overwhelm the enemy for a while.

This push would be important to make the enemy use their counter. This time you can see what cards the enemy have. It would make you able to have some preparation to deal with them afterward.

In this early two minutes, just keep your tower safe. Just don’t let one of your tower being destroyed.

A little push at the beginning 

Last Minute – Sudden Death

Time to unleash the Balloon attack! This is the time to do our main air push. First, deploy Baby Dragon behind your princess tower. Let him walk up to near the bridge.

After that deploy the Mega Minion right on the bridge again to become our main tank. The moment he starts marching on then summons the Balloon just behind him.

Let the Mega Minion and Baby Dragon protect the Balloon. Well, if you have a chance you can support this push using Dart Goblin once more or even deploying the Inferno Dragon.

Just keep deploying at this time, overwhelm the enemy until you destroy the targeted tower. Remember you still have Fireball where you can use it to wash the distracting enemy’s troops or just to finish the dying tower.

Final air attack and boom! 


This deck is an alternative deck and purposing for the fun but again you can’t take it for granted since it still gives a great possibility to win the match.

Okay, kids, that’s it, that’s all I got for today. Say whatever you want to say in the comment section below if you have something you want to say.

Hey, remember to take a break. Go to school. Don’t just staring at your gadget all the time. Make your mom proud.

Me signing out, cheers!