We are the Clash Royale Kingdom, we are a community based on the SuperCell’s Clash Royale Game. Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer type of game that requires you to strategize your cards. The cards you have will include troops, buildings, and spells. There are cards that serve you to attack, defend, survive, or just bait. Your victory depends on how you strategize them. So, determine your strategy with us now!

In the Clash Royale Kingdom, we update news, share tips n tricks with the strategies based on the game.

The Clash Royale Kingdom is here to provide “learning & mastering” in playing Clash Royale. What strategies should be chosen? How to defeat the opponent? How to survive the fight? Or how to become the greatest player in the world. We’re playing the game to share some info and knowledge that you might be lacking right now. So, keep up with the info from us. We update all our contents daily, guys!

We play the game all the time. So, be sure to subscribe as we always provide anything you want to know.