Common Among Advance

Good morning fellas! Come back again with me JohnnyBoy.


Today I have some strategies that may save your life against unwanted enemy’s counter.

These tricks are common among advance players.

Even so, there are still some players who barely enter the advance high trophy who may not know how to handle the enemy’s high end troops.

Alright, without any further ado, let’s go on to the first strategy.

P.E.K.K.A vs skeleton army

In our previous review, we already gave you the tricks to handle P.E.K.K.A easily using skeleton army.

P.E.K.K.A is a card with high damage and HP, but this card is very weak against skeleton army which have many troops.

Here, we function the number of the skeleton army.

So, P.E.K.K.A should need a lot of time to diminish all the army, and she can’t survive from thousands skeletons.

While P.E.K.K.A is busy with your skeleton army, your tower will help the army attacking.

Your life will be saved by low elixir card and you can have elixir profit.

P.E.K.K.A “they’re too many, I can’t handle it”

Sparky vs Knight.

Sometimes, the enemy will launch sparky as their countering in the critical time; 2x time.

Although sparky is very strong, but it still has a weak spot.

The launching of the sparky’s thunderbolt takes some time.

It should pump up their bullet until it unloads massive area damage. 

Nah, we can make use sparky’s bolt loading by launching the knight.

Knight resists from sparky’s first bullet.

After sparky launch first bullet, the knight attacks it together with your tower.

Here, the sparky will be dead before it can reach your tower. 

Knight “stop! no more shoot”

Inferno tower vs dart goblin.

In the advance battle, the enemy most likely bring one building card. And the most common building card the enemy bring are inferno tower.

I highly suggest you to enclose dart goblin in your deck.

It is because dart goblin can be a good shooter for cover your primary striker.

Besides, he can make a free hit on the enemy’s building tower by shooting his dart from distance.

Dart goblin has the longest shoot range compare with any other cards in the game (range: 6,5)

Longer range for 1,5 extra range with archers and spear goblins.

Compared with musketeer, he has 0,5 extra shoot range. Longer than the new flying machine for 0.5 extra range. 

If compared with inferno tower, a dart goblin has 0,5 extra shoot range. So, the inferno will never hit the dart goblin

Play dart goblin for attacking, now you know that he can be a reliable saviour for your tower.

Hog vs Tornado.

The placement of launching tornado is the matter.

If you see the enemy launches hog or any troops from one side, you can launch tornado right on the middle.

You can see the range of the tornado and you put the tornado in the hog’s range

So, the tornado will bring the hog to the whirlwind at the centre and your towers will attack and diminish the hog.

In most cases, you can launch the tornado in one range with the crown tower and also the hog. 

The tornado will bring the hog to the crown tower.

Hog will retarget and focus on the crown tower; one hit on the crown tower will activate it.

Activated crown tower will be so much helpful for we will have more defensive bullets. 

Hog “Oh no! Whirlwind again!”

Anticipate the enemy’s building card which aimed to divert your hog.

I learned this strategy from some players and I want to tell you who don’t know about this yet.

When you launch hog, you better put the other cards right beside the hog.

Make sure your hog is side by side and you place the hog at the far end of your lane.

When your hog and Valkyrie (let’s say) walk together, your hog won’t be diverted and retarget into the enemy’s building card in the middle.

Meanwhile, the Valkyrie that will retarget to the enemy’s building card.

Your hog still on target and can make it to enemy’s tower.

Giant skeleton vs giant

In our previous review, we already talked about the mighty giant skeleton and how it can be a real breakneck.

However, he still has a weak spot; he can be pushed away.

Moreover, the bomb carrier is so easy be re-targeted.

When you see the enemy launches the giant skeleton and hit your tower, don’t worry

Put the giant right in the tight space between the giant skeleton and your tower.

The giant will push away the giant skeleton and he will follow your giant.

When this happens, your tower will attack giant skeleton from distance.

Your tower is safe from the explosive bomb he drops when he died.

You’re safe, don’t panic.

You can also use this strategy to anticipate other attacking cards such as prince, P.E.K.K.A, etc.

This trick doesn’t work with hog rider.

Giant “Get off and follow me”

Fast troops push slow troops

Some of beginners may not know about this passive strategy.

You can make use your fast troops such as hog rider or prince to push let’s say knight or Valkyrie.

So the knight and Valkyrie will run as fast as the riders.

Put the Hog behind the knight.

This strategy can help you make a fast attacking. Especially if you have hog deck or prince deck

Retarget enemy’s building card by zapping it.

This strategy also comes from professional players.

Actually, you can retarget the enemy’s x-bow, mortar, canon, etc. by zapping it.

Before you zap the building, you should put one card on the middle lane to make a new target for the enemy.

For instance, when the x-bow starts launching its bullet, you can zap it.

Then, the x-bow will retarget to your troops card that you put in the middle.

Your troops and towers will be secure from the x-bow bolts

With zap, you can do much thing.

Besides retarget the enemy, we can zap on the inferno cards to prevent the burst damage.

Once you zap, the inferno will restart its beam fire.

And there won’t be the burst damage if it’s restarted. 

Honourable mention

When you go against sparky, you can divert the sparky using the skeletons which is cheaper than the knight; one elixir only.

The skeletons numbers will complicate the sparky which has one target shoot.

Since it costs one elixir only, you can deploy other strong troops to diminish the sparky.

The tricks and strategy I mentioned above are 100% work and I’ve experienced it by myself.

I hope those strategies can help you too. What do you think about the strategies?

Or if you have some secret strategies please feel free to let me know in the comment section below… clash on!