Clone!!! I mean, hello, everyone! It’s verdaccio. Today, I’m going to share some of my awesome experience with the Clone card. Perhaps you have done one of this, yeah… let me know guys! So, it’s the most epic or epic fail cards to clone. Here I’ll give some ado about the reason which cards are best and worst to clone.


Let’s check them out!


three_musketeers-card-clash-royale-kingdom lava_hound-card-clash-royale-kingdom giant_skeleton-card-clash-royale-kingdom balloon-card-clash-royale-kingdom witch-card-clash-royale-kingdom night_witch-card-clash-royale-kingdom lumberjack-card-clash-royale-kinngdom


Three Musketeers

Yes! Clone them just clone them!! They’ll be dead soon, though. The one thing you must do before cloning them or even before deploying them is to bait your enemy’s spell. Spawning a swarm army can do the trick. Once they took the bait, you can deploy this massive attack. 6 Musketeers are just beyond nightmare you know. Yea.. the fun comes when you just use 12 Elixirs for nothing when you get all musketeers Fireballed. Wait.. keep in mind that’s the only weakness guys, one!!



Yup, the Gollem, like cockroaches, they never die just keep coming. When you use the Clone to this gigantic walking rock, there’ll be 4 of them. It can be use helpful. Since they produce 2 Gollemites and splash damage upon death. You’ll need the cloned’s death. The swarm army aimed to kill your Gollem will eventually go down one by one. Hold on!! You haven’t deployed any ranged support troops. Deploy them, captain! The party awaits.





So many time I use clone to multiply the lava. I’m not using its clone to be the tank of course. I utilize its lava pups so I will have a swarm tiny damage dealers. Also, the lava pups can give our ranger or supporting troops more time because the enemy tower should get rid the lava pups first. That’s the best part when the enemy kill the cloned Lava cause you want it dies and here come the pups.


Giant Skeleton


Another card we need it to die, the Giant Skeleton. The big walking bone is just a messenger, and the message is a bomb. We need the package delivered just close enough to the tower. So, the explosion will cause massive damage to the tower. Clone the bone when it has reached the range of its bomb explosion to the tower. Never hesitate in cloning the big guy cause you’ll have 2 massive damaging bombs in the field.





It’s not so different, though. So many cards which we want to clone is because we need them to die. Yup, sorry guys, here’s is another but… The balloon is rather different. The dropped bomb from Balloon crash is not so high like the bomb from Giant Skeleton, yet, the massive damage comes from it when it’s still alive. So, the Balloon can be useful whether it’s alive or dead. I find a lot of enemies deploy Minion Horde to counter my Balloon and end up tilted cause my cloned dies first and the explosion kill them all and! my real Balloon is just a free bird.




Next card, we have the Witch. It works and uses differently from those cards before. I usually deploy them at the very back of the crown tower. Right after I deploy her, I use the Clone right away and hope the enemy doesn’t have Fireball in the deck. Still, though, the Fireball won’t kill the real witch, it’ll still be alive. We can wait though to bait the enemy’s spell. After cloning the Witch, the cloned Witch will also produce skeletons. That’s why we need to clone the Witch it just efficient to have a 10 Elixirs qualities when we only spent 8.



Night Witch


What to say? Pretty much the same, I don’t know. Oh yeah, this card also can be useful when it’s dead. The Dracula girl is built by a two-bat body. Unlike the Witch, the Night Witch change its appearance upon death. As the Witch die turns to dust the Night Witch turn to things, flying around. You can deploy her together with the Witch and clone them together to make a party.




Rose!! I’m here.. I’ll never let you go!!! Wait, right, sorry. Another card we need it to die. The best part in cloning this Lumberjack guy is when he drops the wine, making everyone in its radar go insanely insane. The card is rather cheap, so it’ll be possible for you to give him some supports troops behind him. And! just go insane altogether. It’ll be wasted, though. I mean, what’s the point having two glass of wine when the effect is just no different than taking only one. That’s why you have to make sure the clone dies first, How? Hahaha… Try it.

Don’t tell the Kingdom guards I’m here. Talk to me!! Down below. Verdaccio, peace out!